Thursday, January 18, 2007

s0oo poning :P back yep!after watched the guardian i was blessed! i bertapa sekejap.actually many things had happened..
like i hate being final students as my time table is s0oo free..
haha pulok doh!:P but seriously,i will go doing nothing but ntah!
i will end up watching all these old movies i haven't watched for
the past 2 years :P i watched bourne,step up,diva popular,then
american pie band camp etc huh!sangat banyaklah!:P

at the mo,i'm making suan a dialog for my research =D she is willing
to help me for the far sensei takde call lagi but just
in case..i'm gonna make this work this time!!please~~~ i hope sempat
buat 1 hour pun jadi :'( i'm in the stage of desperate right now!!
huh!!mintak tolong mr lee.*THE tourist guide* tak membantu coz he
said dia ni orang tak ske sangat kat dia..adeihhh...
leceh lerrrr.. :( so seriesly,ni last hope.oh,i never mentioned abt
suan yah?she's one of the koku program.she went to japan after me.
dia ni nice giler...suka dengar dia cakap melayu.*she's chinese
and irresistably nice!!* so aku sangatla berkenan nak mintak tolong
ngan orang yang pemurah hati nih :P so0 sambil tolong buatkan skrip
dia sambil dengar lagu french..hihi..tetiba recently ske dengar lagu
french.bestla~ although tak faham.hik hik.and sambil2 chat ngan
nurenchunk.hihi.ilang sket tensen.hehe.ok.esok ada klas driving..
isnin ni test!!takutnyerrrrr...huhu.and esok am going to klcc
rocking the tourist spots..ngee :D saya harus siapkan research ini.
i need that 600rings!!huhuh..aite..later~*

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