Sunday, January 14, 2007

my hunkie is a HOTTIE!!!

ni gamba my desktop okei ;p

fua.fua.s0oo tired semalam.tak sempat pun nak update =D yes!!!
people!!!i watched the guardian!!!for me,ashton is MY guardian!:p
coz in the story the main character is randall (costner) and he
was THE GUARDIAN la..but push aside those heroic part for a while
yep!lets get back to my ashie from the moment i saw a guy wearing
a rayban shades in a was only the view of his cheek,i went
all excited oledi!!!i can tell it's him!!i lurrvee ashton when he
was wearing that blue sweater and shades..looking good in those
uniforms!!mummy!!turns me on!=D tableh tahan!!!he's maji cute!!!!
wahhh!!he smiled,I smiled :P huhu how bad IS that?even after the
show,my bro went "puas hati ke dapat tengok ashton??" heuheuheu..
"SANGAT!!!" nak tengok lagi boleh?:P

i can't get enough off him la!!suke tengok muka dia masa muka cam
malu2 buat thrill sebab kena sakat ngan awek dia >:P tableh blah!
terus teringat kat abg ice cream..hehee...nitteru!!!perangai sama.
maji sweeeeettt....*suddenly i like using 'maji' for nak mati!!:P*
and thotful giler..and cute of coz!!plain silly and funny!i lyke!!
go and tengok my ashton la u guys!!confirm cute and best!!i cried
okei...*tengok cinta aku tak nangis langsung!!:P* tang mana nak
nangis pun tak tahu..i think i passed the part being jiwang :D offends~anyhouuu...go and watch okei ;) sigh~ got driving
today..i love driving but i hate it when it kacau my wikens :P my
test is next week..wish me luck peeps..will get back to u later..
for the time being..azz!!where's your updates??lama menghilang!!!

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