Sunday, January 07, 2007

fua.fua.s0o teeee-red!!

updates~!haha..although i'm s00oo tireeeeddd!!i can still update
u know :P saje..sebab tengah merelaxkan diri but tomorrow got
class at 8!dayme~!!anyhouuu,its my uncle's wedding!!sangat penat
coz 3 days in a row we all went to Banting to ayah we's wedding!
i only went for the akad nikah coz the next day got driving maa.
well..its was a ceremony held in a masjid in banting.i don't know
wats the name of the masjid but the bride,kak zila,is s0oo pretty!
her dress!!!i'm s0oo loving it!!!her make up too!!huhuhu..look at

the pengantin baru =p

well..i am s0oo tired coz all my family and cousins came all the
way from kelantan and the house was packed!!so i hafta layan all
the guests like woah~!!s0oo tired!!sebab banyak kids.but overall.
it was fun..*imagine that i played bola kaki tiga with my aunty,
34 years old and my cousins yang semuanya budak darjah 1,2,3!!!!
lol.memang kecih giler satu rumah..!!!oh!!i went out with fiza
for lunch last friday..sori fizz!!ingat nak letak gamba yang kita
tangkap haritu but then dah terdelete :P but i still have pictures
wif you!! ;)hehe..i had a great time fizz!!thanks tau belanja old
town!!sedap!!the roti much better la :P and we went jalan2 kat
area kan?macam funny jer..pergi makan pastu jalan2 kat
cm.but i always like walking aroun in CM..banyak benda nak tengok.
thanks again fizz!! <333

ni masa birthday aleyya~ :P

then after meeting fiza..i went to klcc to meet nurenchunk!!!yeay!
she brought si farez along..we had a blast aa!!serious!!balik pun
aroun 8pm!!huhuh..nak update details tapi takyah waiting
for her to send me the pictures we took!!sangat fun and best!!hihi!!
i wish i'm staying in perak :P aitaii!!!

dalam densha..nak balik *sigh~*

ok peeps..need some sleep need a good start tomorrow ;)

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