Friday, December 01, 2006

urgh!!!s0oo geram!!!

ss0ooo gerammmm at the mo!!got the driving writing test tomorrow,
which is today..and i haven't finish reading the book and the
soalan contoh and my lil' bro is s0ooo sakitkan hati i!!!urgh!!!~
i dunno why he can't leave me for even a second!!!i told him to
leave me to study for my test and he can't stop disturbing me,
teasing me,singing,babbling,laughing and trying to make me talk
to him!!! and its really..REALLY getting into my nerves!!!!!!!!
i don't want to shout which is the last thing i would do since
my elder brother and sister are at home and i'm sure its gonna
be tsunami..but then he JUST don't get it is it?!!urgh~~!!

i end up crying and pleading to him to leave me alone (i was faking
my cries before that,but he just wont believe and was mocking me!!)
wah!!!now I'M s0oo stressed up azz!!!sangat geram oke!!!!i feel
like shouting right now..and guess wat??i cried :P then he left
me..and went's all because of abang,he uses my lil
bro's room to play the need for speed carbon.dayme!!!now i feel
much better coz i'm left alone and started to realize..maybe i was
t0o panic..coz i dunno whether i can answer or not :P plus~~ i haf
not really..really sit and read properly at the questions..so0..i
think i freaked out..huhu..wish me luck~ *note:sometimes my brother
really gets into my nerves~~ argh~~~!!!*

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