Thursday, December 14, 2006

saya sudah gemok!!nak buat camne ni~~?!! :P

hehe..horror tak tajuk..??ngeee=D well..for the past few months..
i think i've gained weight..seriously..people said its better for
me to be this 'look'.or is it shape?hahaha..yes..u may see me not
THAT gemok!!!but i gained 3kgs for the past few months!!fuiyo~~
i am s0oo freaking not realizing fine..lets list out the
food i consumed (wtf??hahaha) here goes:

1)ok..i ate..nandos..erm..for almost everyweek?but since early
this month belum lagi. *check*

2)then,i've been eating meals..hmm..3times a day~* woah~~dats a
triple check!!*kat rumah tableh lari aa sure 3times a day!:P

3)then i ate fast food?? far not a big fan of fastfood..;)

4)erm..i ate ice cream??or was it ice creamssss??*banyaknyer ss*
well..dats almost everyday!!!*gosh*so freaking debab!!!

5)i ate oily food.erm..not really..but 2~3 times a week okla.

6)i ate pizza!!!*mak!!ini memang takleh one month..dah
makan TWICE!!!*plus LASAGNA oso!!twice idi!!:P

7)ok..i like sweeeet food!!!i can't help it!!urgh!!everyday,umm
dalam.....berapa cal eh??TAK TERKIRA boleh??:P

8)teh tarik~ *susu pekat and teh pekat* lol..EVERYDAY!!!=D

s0o..cukupla..8lists..banyak lagi ni..i am s0oo not gonna list
them wonder i barely jog THAT fast lately..haish~@@
ok..s0o i think i am now officially..gonna have to diet=D err..
boleh ker??!!NO GUTS NO dak band plak :P maka
dengan ini..saya akan mengurangkan ice cream?? OK!!~i can
do it!then..i want to makan my meals 2times a day~ can...
kat college boleh..xkan kat umah tak bleh?? =p ok then i nak
pegi jog/walk/cycling 3times a week~
ok..sure can!!;)last but
not least..mengorbankan my teh tarik addicted..so0..i will try
not to drink too much teh tarik :'(
warghh!!!~!!s0o hard ooo!!
and of coz!drink a lot of air masak ;)

so now..i'm officially leading a healthy role model is..
sazzy falak..hahahah boleh tak?!! but she's s0o small!!kira
my heights wat..s0 of coz i can be sekecik her..hehe..shed some
baby bum fat..ngee=D *ganbarimasu~~!*note dat i am doin a
healthy diet don't be like nicol richie..very skinny.even
baju paris dia tak offends nicol,u still rox!~!@

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