Friday, December 08, 2006

sangat happy lalalalala~

hehehehe..*grin*grin*on the same day dayana rog's the
same day i felt the happiness ever!!!i just got a parcel all the way
from japan!!!sangat thrillllllll pleaseeee!!hehehe..macam i plak
birthday gal =D *peace dayana* went to OU for lunch then on the way
back,i was in the car at the traffic light nak masuk simpang my house..
from far i saw this pos laju punya van..papasiap horned suruh orang tuh
tunggu sat.hehehe...takut orang pos laju cabut plak kang..melepas...
*papa thought the parcel was for him..huhu*

turun2 kereta je..mama tanya:"parcel untuk sapa?haji adnan ke?"
i siap cakap..mesti dari jepun..untuk aku ni =D sekali abg posmen pun
cakap:"cik!erin adnan..." wah!!!thrill nak mati!!!!!pos laju
pleasseeee!!!terus i sign the box and yep!!thought so...its all da way~~~
from JAPAN!=D *wink*wink*

the box when it was received

the pretty box inside (^.-)v

the gifts!!terharu pleaseeeee!!~

nampak x??ngeee..hontou ni domou arigatou gozaimashita!!!ureshikatta!!!~

so..yeah!its from my dearest friend in tokyo,yuki!;) she ALWAYS sends me
parcel!every year!!sangat nice kan?siap bagi cards,pictures,key chains,
chocolates,cookies,fewh!too many to mention.owh,she gave me her picture
when she was in amsterdam!!!s0oo nice..the view...wah~!!makes me wanna
go to amsterdam..she's really nice!!super~!!!nice..i just wrote her a xmas
card..but belum hantar..dia dah hantar kat i..huhuh..sweeeetttt pleasee!!
i definitely kena shop for her xmas gifts plak..weeeee~~!!shoppinggg lagi!!

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