Sunday, December 03, 2006

pizzzzzzzzzaaaautttt!!!pizzzaaaaaaaa innnnn!!!

lalalalalal...i oledi lulus the ujian bertulis..duh!then i'm left wit
another 3 hours of mr fung's class!yeay!!then i'm on da road.but it
kinda freaks me out..coz we (there's 2 guys and me at the back of the
kancil..i was squashed!! :P ) were sent home by this guy..he's actually
testing he's driving skills when mr fung asked him to send us all home!
aiyo!!i was really freaking out coz his cornering!!aiyo u tell
the james bond in casino royale one thing,then he breaks!!aiyo like dis
makcik short sighted went and brake right bumper to bumper..guess wat?!
i started to mumble to myself in the car " i can't actually be doing THAT
am i??" huhu..i was dead for a while..ngeee =D don't blame me..blame the
genes:brave at the outside,chicken in the

anyways..2 days in a row been sleeping in late 1) due to the teh tarik i
drank in santai 2) due to the teh tarik i bought at uptown..both are due
to my over concerned attitude so i tried to stay awake just to study for my
ujian bertulis for undang2 :P *note that i was not really concerned
earlier,which leads me to under pressure which leads me to OVER concerned
and lesser sleep!!**erm..faham tak?? :P since its all over now..i
just woke up at 6pm after a l0oong sleep from 3pm=D i was s0oo
bangun2 for a while then we go to OU for pizza!!yeay!!(^0^)/ ngeee..ordered my pepperoni and frape mocha *oh!heaven~~!*thanx to kakak
and abg amin.i LLOOOVVEEE being the younger sister =D *grins* oh!actually,
i wanted to order lasagna..since i had been craving for the lasagna for
the past few weeks!!but then i was really bummed..because there's only
seafood lasagna and guess what?!! there's no beef lasagna for almost 3years
now!!!wow!!I DIDN'T KNOW THAT!!!

look at the lovie dovie =D imagine sebulan sekali jumpa tau!!s0oo pure!:P

not to exclude the rascals..hmmm...where did the thorns go?? :P i was browsing thru my xanga and my roadtrip i misses my
ENGLISH a LOT!!*since dats the only language i can speak with my japanese
friends back then*..then of coz!i miss all the places i was really my first sakura,my first snow fight,my first japanese crush :P
its like my second home there *sigh* anyways..s0oo enough for now.since
everyone are too busy to read or too busy do anything..syed's going to oz
tomorrow..ngeee..guess who's syed??for me to know..for u to find *wink*wink*

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