Friday, December 01, 2006

ok..yeay!!lulus..of coz!hehe..even feena,denise,nuren,kak noni,kakak
pun cakap..they said it's easy..but since..u know my lil bro crisis
n's a catastrophic u know :P but he can be a good advisor
sumtimes....he can be matured at times but most of the times he is
a prankster!!and seriously!! a spoilt brat :P not tell him i
told u dah lega la dat the test is i
can actually blogging or watching tv without feeling any guilt :P
*note dat before the test..i barely look at the 'contoh soalan'* well,
am glad it's over..

actually i'm waiting for my brother to send me the pictures from our
open house the other my kokugaku clan pictures inside..but
then..knowing my brother with his addiction to the game..haishh!!tak
abes2 main game and i've been waiting for him to upload je:P tula...
menumpang camera camera was 'KONG' at that time..i love the
clan picture..all the kokugaku clan was there=D class tom.
hafta wake up early~ *sigh* nurencHunk~omedetou!!!mata chato de=D xx

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