Tuesday, December 19, 2006

nothing left to do but pray~*

hey people..nuren~to u too!had been really tired lately..i think
its from the flu virus.sucks!but then i just hafta take care of
ameer since he's all grumpy and doesnt want to be fed coz mama
said he 'gatal gusi'~ wth?i think he's tooth coming out soon.so
today went to the clinic for this flu *hacchum!!* then teman
dee dee to buy ameer's walker-rocker..how cool is dat?!walker
and rocker 2 in 1 =D then rushed back home for driving class.. ;)

yeay!!i can do the cornering pretty good now*nadz!!wait till i
lulus..then i can fetch u plak*gags*and still have another 8hrs
to go i guess..i am s0oo tired at the mo.due to the drugs.heh.
and might gone to bed early tonight..s0oo tak larat.oh,anyways,
i HAVE NOT,i repeat have not!!finish my research and i'm
left with another 2 weeks to go *shait!!* actually,if i was
lucky,there were groups of japanese coming but then mr.lee didnt
get back to me..so i guess.i wasn't lucky then:( for now.i am
s0oo tired and buntu idi...i am left with nothing but pray..
HARD!!!*sigh~*well..am going to langkawi for holidays
on thursday..can't wait to get tanned~@! yeah...right~!! :P
langkawi!!!here i come!!woo-hoo~~!!!(^0^)/

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