Monday, December 11, 2006

my first home-cooked lasagna voila~(^0^)/

though its not as pretty as it should be =D but tasted goo0od!!

hey peeps~ fua..fua..i know..i know you all will surely tak larat nak keep
up with my updates :P cuti sebulan..i think i will end up doing 30 entries!!hohoho..anyways,yesterday was really a HAPPY DAY!!hehehe yep!the day
before was HAPPY too..but i think everyday is a happy day~ :) mama
suddenly feels like cooking lasagna yesterday..but she doesnt know
first time in my life,my mom asked me how to cook!!!! comel la
mama~~ nways..we tried to cooked the lasagna,with me as the chef..voila~
here's my very own beef lasagna~ erin style! hehehehe..a bit tak jadi coz
its my first time.and a bit kurang cheese :P but i am s0o gonna master it..
coz its s0oo sedap!!!it even habes you know!~~ everyone ate it and i only
sempat makan sikit je.but i'm happy!coz i finally learned how to cook my fave lasagna!!mama mia~~ lalalalalla~ hehehehhe

for the past few attached to my laptop coz kak noni asked me to do
her classroom's website.and i was thinking the ideas was like woah~~how la
eh??then my sis in law,kak dee plak asked me to do her cute la
them.sangat bersunggug2 dengan IT.haha they were making me the IT whizz
as the reason to do all these web thingy,but they'll pay me for this!woohoo~!!
am so0oo freaking excited :P *note that i'm not as whizz as aida hazrina ;)
*peace aida*

semalam tido lambat giler..sent ameer to ppum.he has to operate his hernia.
sian kan??baru 6months.then after that we're all too tired.but i sempat shop
baju jap kat OU.this is s0oo gonna be my last shopping!@mama dah bising
coz i spent A LOT!~ takpe..kita tunggu dan lihat :P so then balik
umah dah pukul 8..pegi dinner kat santai..then dah pekena teh ais dia~
haaaaa!!!~ sila stay up sampai kul 4 pagi!!chat ngan abg walid and amin.
huish~dasat gak:P tapi sambil2 tuh tengah merangka2 website kak noni.arini
mama pegi johor pun tak sedar..pengsan sampai kul 10 pagi.gara-gara tido
lambat.tengok2 mama papa dah pegi pun..huhuh..okei.nak sambung keja
web designing.*i tink i'm gonna slow down blogging :P *

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