Thursday, December 07, 2006

movie week plak!!!

hello~~ waah!!s0oo tired today..woke up at 8.40 which is awal for me
because i'm meeting mr.lee..who is mr.lee??haaa...this guy i dunno
how lucky i was to get his number..because i need to do my research
on the tourist guide i called malaysia tourism centre,then
they connected me to the tourism malaysia(its two different things aa)
then suddenly i got this mr.lee met him today at klcc..met
at the starbucks and yes!!got the deal with him so i'm going to be busy
this whole more shopping *sigh* coz i need to concentrate
more on my still have langkawi and batu pahat to enjoy!
*wink*wink*so ash accompanied me to klcc today so i treat him movie..
yeay!!happy feet!!he had watched it twice..lalala..i dun care!!i bayar..
u ikut..hahaha..but then we were 15mins late!!because this mr.lee seemed
to like to talk so in explain things la..aduihhhhh..but okla..
coz he'll help me later ;)

happy feet was fun man!!s0oo cute and..HAPPY!!hahaha..i really..really..
enjoyed watching it..its really interesting of coz!but in a cute way=D coz
ada ramon the corny guy!!he is s0oo perasan but funny guy..i lovee him!!!
so then we had lunch with zaza..who turned out to be in a rush.hmm..funny
thing is dat..umm..if ur meeting in the middle of the meeting
can u actually say "doing sumting else is better??" woah!!i'm not refering
to anyone specificily..but then..why bother meeting at the first place:P
anyways..ash bought himself a new tshirt.haha.he's trying to be funny when
he wanted to buy a shirt in nike..and we're at the counter..and he told me
he had no money!!!hello~!!i almost choked!!adui..nasib baik bawak extra $$!
a-ash..a-ash :P so after that we decided to head home.

bought the casino royale dvd and watched it.hmm...not bad!!actually..daniel
craig..adui..hensem jugak mamat nih.kira macho la.coz i had been watchin
the james bond's reruns..and this one turned me on!:P he has this serious
face and curved lips *note that first thing i noticed about a guy is his LIPS!!*
especially like eminem and takuya!!tolong..tak bleh tahan!!
movie was overall okeila..but the heroin plak mati..eva green cun eh!watched
her in the kingdoms of heaven her smokey eyes..memang cantikla..=D so yeah!
overall..this week is more of a movie week..coz next week is

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