Sunday, December 31, 2006

it's the time of the year..HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

wow~~ it's finally here.31st december 2006..imagine dat!!
its 5 years now since i ended my school life in sekolah
seri puteri u never noticed how time flies s0o
fast.but every year it always reminds me of all the good
and bad times i had during the year.s0oo this entry is
gonna be a lo0ong one =D hehe..

well..lets start with the special entry for my dearest ever
beloved father,tuan haji adnan =) happy birthday papa~!!may
Allah bless u always.

and at the same time is papa's last day working as the Head
of the Human Resource in Ministry of Education.I am sure he's
very sad to leave his job.i can tell when everyday u can
see him off to the lala land where he seemd to be looking
at a distance..far far away..i'm sure he was thinking "the
time had finally comes".sigh~* yep..he is officially the
YB (yang bersara).anyhouuu..i don't want to spoil his raya
and birthday mood so we bought another cake for him and
suprised him with a birthday song..yeay~!!!papa all smiley
again ;)

so we have the raya meal which we have rendang..yum2 mama's
rendang is s0oo unbeatable :P then we have the lodeh and
we have the cupcakes of coz! and a birthday cake all in 1
celebration for papa,raya haji and his retirement =D to my

this is the cake..ash's birthday's on the 4th,so join skali

of coz the cupcakes too ;)

so the time has come huh..tomorrow is officially 2007!!
wow~!!series tak sedar i am s0on gonna be graduating from
Universiti Putra Malaysia.InsyaAllah...many things had
happened..i lost my heart to someone 2 years ago.aroun the
same time of the year.and looking back..i realized that i was
stupid,but it had taught me how does it feel to be heart
broken and how is it to be a grown up.then my best friend's
mother passed away..aroun the early of the month this time
aroun..may Allah bless her always..grieveness taught us how
to be thankful for what we have and learnt that everything
does not last i was taught that my time will
come too..s0on..this time aroun..i had also learnt that best
friends is not the one who say all the nice things to you but
the one who make u learnt from all the bad things you did.i
had become fonder with a good friend of mine..u know who u r
kyushu gal ;) coz she made me is not always at
the top of the wheels..thank you for being there.and it had
made me become a better person,i hope.because i learnt that i
can't have everything i want unless i worked for the
time had made me learnt that i can do it and i am sure..there
is always a better day..the next are my new year's
resolutions??hmmm...actually tak terpikir lagi..but i hope
it will come true soon if i wish for one =D ok..lets postponed
to tomorrow.haha..since this one is long entry i'm sure i'm
gonna bore's your new year's resolutions?? ;)

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