Sunday, December 24, 2006

hello people~~ i'm back (^0^)/~~

fua.fua.wat a great vacation..although its a short one(3days) but i
had a great time..:) well..we stayed in the bayview hotel.where we
can see the view of the 'bay' of coz from our hotel room;) such a nice
view.every morning pun rasa macam nak pegi mandi laut:P

that's from our bedroom's window =D cool ey~

so our first day was nothing much,just went out for dinner at pekan
kuah and i ate the best penang laksa i ever had~!!(i tot penang was
famous for its laksa..langkawi oso got laksa :) ) then we just walk
aroun the pekan kuah since we arrived pun dah pukul 10pm :P so we did
something weird..actually not that weird..we wanted to go for karaoke..
but the karaoke lounge is together with the we have to enter
the pub then we can get to the karaoke room..(s0ooo not like the
japan's karaoke) so then we all tak jadi nak pegi karaoke *shishhh*
since the place was a bit obscene (eh,betul ke eja obscene?)

so the next day we went for walk at the pekan kuah..and we did nothin
much..haha..sebab we banyak jalan but do nothing..more like a sight
seeing and eating:P so we went to the famous chocolate selling place
called ismail group :P not like a kilang of coz..just dat u can get
imported chocolates at a very low price ;) so we bought chocolates~~!!
yeay!!my favourite food!hehe..then we went to idaman suri..its a
famous place for cheap plates and bowls and all those surirumah punya
idaman things :P *note that the idaman and the suri word;)* so mama
bought herself loads n loads of cutleries..huhu..imagine we have to
bring back a HUGE box from the langkawi..aiyark~!!so we jalan2 until
6pm!!huhu almost dark..then we have to rush back since we have a
formal dinner at 8 :)

nothing much during the dinner but after the dinner~~~ we went 2 this
boom boom corner in pantai chenang..aroun 11pm..we met this en.mamat,
a very nice man.i mean very..very nice..he treat us the best roti
boom ever la~!!!woo-hoo!but then tak sempat nak tangkap any pictures
with him..coz forgot to bring the camera..aiyark~!! tapi memang bestla
the roti boom.the place oso with the indian punya environment and the
music was kuch kuch hota hai.haha!!and i ate TWO!!imagine the butter
and all :P but since the boom sedap..kalori semua tolak tepi=D ngeee...
then we went back to hotel aroun the next day awaits~~yeap~~!!
its swimming time~!!!

dats us plus iman,adik angkat:P ash took the pic ;)

early in the morning..more like sesudah,
we went for our first swimming~!!!*note dat most of the time spent for*and we met this lil kid,named iman.anak datuk mansor mana we played and swam for 2 hours~!!hahaha..then naik2 je semua
orang pun sunburnt :P actually mama tak turun with us.but we saw her at
the hotel window..melambai2..we apa lagi..lambai balik menggoda2 suruh
dia turun mandi with us.hehe..turned out to be fun la maaa~~!! ;) then
at 9 sumting we went for breakfast..s0oo hungry by then.and i ate a since its our last day in langkawi..we went all jalan2
to dataran helang,again to ismail group to buy more chocs,then we go to
samudera and then we headed to the seaside for mee rebus~~!!;)yum2~~
the place was nice..i enjoy the ala2 bali..:P hehe..
then after a lo00ng jalan2..we headed back to hotel and ready to balik
KL.. :'(

so our flight was at 8.35pm,agak sedih to blah so early..but then..i
still have things to do in KL..this holidays was the only getaway i
could get from the hectic work ;) yupe..wake up to reality..
hello real world;) but its not the end yet~~haha..i'm going to kak yan's
kampung tomorrow with kaem~!! woo-hoo~!! batu pahat!!here i come~!!
(^0^)/ pictures of langkawi here : **~laNgKawi~**

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