Monday, December 04, 2006

harajuku style baby!!harajuku !!woo-hoo~!!(^0^)/

ok..a short entry..guess wat i did today?!!ngeee =D i bought myself two
of the le sport sac limited edition.yeap!!the tokidoki edition!!woohoo!!
am s0oo loving it!!harajuku style baby!!lalalalalala...i am s0oo gonna
love my holidays!!!coz i go shopping A LOT!!ngeee =D is dat wat all the
sspians like to do and good at?? :P

am going to meet kak yan this 16th and then am going to langkawi on the
21st.ocean soo0o gonna go snorkeling and get tanned!!ngeeee =D
and cheap chocolates!!hey ho!!hey ho!!this is the best holidays
lah..lepas ni start sem dah kena serious balik :'( so am living my life
at the fullest..haha..then right after that,i balik from langkawi..will
go to batu pahat!!jay bee style road trippin' hehe..rina sytle baby!!rina
style!i wanna spend my time there with my second family a.k.a walido n
hariyani's..kotakemukaihara peeps..miss them a lot!!and arisa rena..aunty
erin gonna bring u the pooh with da drum..kickin'~

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