Sunday, December 31, 2006

it's the time of the year..HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

wow~~ it's finally here.31st december 2006..imagine dat!!
its 5 years now since i ended my school life in sekolah
seri puteri u never noticed how time flies s0o
fast.but every year it always reminds me of all the good
and bad times i had during the year.s0oo this entry is
gonna be a lo0ong one =D hehe..

well..lets start with the special entry for my dearest ever
beloved father,tuan haji adnan =) happy birthday papa~!!may
Allah bless u always.

and at the same time is papa's last day working as the Head
of the Human Resource in Ministry of Education.I am sure he's
very sad to leave his job.i can tell when everyday u can
see him off to the lala land where he seemd to be looking
at a distance..far far away..i'm sure he was thinking "the
time had finally comes".sigh~* yep..he is officially the
YB (yang bersara).anyhouuu..i don't want to spoil his raya
and birthday mood so we bought another cake for him and
suprised him with a birthday song..yeay~!!!papa all smiley
again ;)

so we have the raya meal which we have rendang..yum2 mama's
rendang is s0oo unbeatable :P then we have the lodeh and
we have the cupcakes of coz! and a birthday cake all in 1
celebration for papa,raya haji and his retirement =D to my

this is the cake..ash's birthday's on the 4th,so join skali

of coz the cupcakes too ;)

so the time has come huh..tomorrow is officially 2007!!
wow~!!series tak sedar i am s0on gonna be graduating from
Universiti Putra Malaysia.InsyaAllah...many things had
happened..i lost my heart to someone 2 years ago.aroun the
same time of the year.and looking back..i realized that i was
stupid,but it had taught me how does it feel to be heart
broken and how is it to be a grown up.then my best friend's
mother passed away..aroun the early of the month this time
aroun..may Allah bless her always..grieveness taught us how
to be thankful for what we have and learnt that everything
does not last i was taught that my time will
come too..s0on..this time aroun..i had also learnt that best
friends is not the one who say all the nice things to you but
the one who make u learnt from all the bad things you did.i
had become fonder with a good friend of mine..u know who u r
kyushu gal ;) coz she made me is not always at
the top of the wheels..thank you for being there.and it had
made me become a better person,i hope.because i learnt that i
can't have everything i want unless i worked for the
time had made me learnt that i can do it and i am sure..there
is always a better day..the next are my new year's
resolutions??hmmm...actually tak terpikir lagi..but i hope
it will come true soon if i wish for one =D ok..lets postponed
to tomorrow.haha..since this one is long entry i'm sure i'm
gonna bore's your new year's resolutions?? ;)

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

raya eve..end of the year..papa's birthday

wah~~!!!it's raya eve~!!tak terasa macam kat kampung sangat
sebab celebrate kat kl tahun ni.every year pun =D hehhe..
wah~!!sangat thrill okei..i finally get to eat kak jojoe's
cupcakes~!!!friends out there..u all sangat direcommended to
get or order for cupcakes from this lady.she's very good in
making cupcakes..tak caya tanya nadz~!!!she tried it!!! if
terasa nak tengok hasil2 dia yang lain.tengok kat my links
yang tulis happy cupcakes ;)

cute and tempting kan??sedap tau.u should try la peeps :)

this one my sis in law yang belikan for raya haji..kak jojoe
ni her bestfriend..she lives near my house in senang
la nak order.azz..u should order for amir :) anyways,ni kira
considered as papa's birthday cake =D coz esok is my beloved
father's birthday too.. ;)moga diberkati Allah selalu ;) but
of coz~~ i'm gonna make a special entry for him (^__-)v

anyhouu...esok is the last day of 2006~!!wow@@ time flies s0oo
fast eyh..sedar2 dah 2 years lebih i left japan,dah 22 tahun
idup and dah 5 tahun membujang.hahahah..takdela..gurau je..but
so far..i had achieved a lots of studies getting better
my heart oso getting better :P my a way,yes.friendships
fonder..and yes..a lots of things had changed in my okei
i will hafta list down my new year's resolutions la plak kan.s0o
ok,will post it tomorrow.muslims friends~~ SELAMAT HARI RAYA

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

best roadtrip ever~~!!doraibu ii jyang~~!!

the retarded us~~ so missing the ol times *sob*sob*

hey peeps~~s0oo tired.just got back from batu pahat.yep!i went to
kak yan's kampung=D and yes~!its flooded with water of coz,but
alhamdulillah it wasn't flooding in kak yan's i went by
bus with kaem.yep~u miss her??so did it was after almost 6
months tak jumpa then we randomly decided to go to batu pahat
together..imagine 3-5hours of journey~ we talked non stop =D tak
rasa ngantuk pun ;) so sampai2..kak yan fetch us but tak sempat
nak jumpa lama..suddenly qoyye called kaem and wanted to meet~~
people~!!!i met qoyye!!!thrilled tak??(^0^)/ last time we met was
4 years ago!!huhuh..sangat happy!!so since kak yan was heading to
tempat berurut arisa in i decided to stay in batu pahat
and chill with my gals until they come back and fetch me~@@ hehe..
so our agenda was eating of coz!!kaem treat us marrybrown since
dats the best fast food we can get!!okla NOT BAD wat :P so then
guess wat??we went for karaoke!!hehee..oh,kemek pun ape
lagi..semua ratu melalak went from 4 lagu to 12 lagu~~~!!!hihihi..
we had a great time!!!!seriously~~!!!=D

then it was 6pm.and qoyye and kemek had to go..*sob*sob*bila la
nak jumpa diorang lagi kan??by then..i was s0oo tired so freshen
up a bit at kaem's house..*note dat kaem is now working as a tutor
and s0oon gonna be a lecturer~!!* aroun 7.30pm kak yan fetched me
and we headed back to her house and go out for dinner~~!!!!

we had dinner at arina tom faveret =D ramainyer family
kak yan~~hihi..even abg rais oso ada..and his newly wed wifey la
kan;) so cantik la his wife..imagine derang kawan dari high skool
oo..jodoh~~~then we were all tired so after makan we balik terus
tido coz the next morning was the longest day i had ever=p

esokkannyer abg walid,amin and arisa and of coz me.went to kahang berurut arisa..then kak yan went to her driving class..
maka berroad trip lah lagi aku..huhuh..taleh nak tido duk depan
rasa tak selesa nak2 kena control ayu~~ awe!!! balik2 je
dah dalam kul 1..makan lunch then aroun 4 its doraibu~!!!(drive)
we headed back to key ell peeps~!!sangat penat but i barely sleep
hihi..excited nak balik umah.and dapat duk kat blakang ala2 free
styler =p maka bermulalah perjalanan dari batu pahat-ayer keroh-
kolumpo~~~ best2..sebab dapat tengok highwayyyyy je..hahah..kalu
balik kelantan tak best sangat..dahlah jauh..8jam+- pastu jalan
bengkang ni la gamba doraibu ku (^___-)v

my doraibu weee~~~ (^0^)/

hihihi..sangat suke travel~!!!nak2 on road...huhuh am so gonna
make it into my faveret past time =D heheh..of coz when i have
the money..i'm s0oo gonna go all around the world one day.hehe.
well enjoy the pictures : ++ batu pahat ++

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

hello people~~ i'm back (^0^)/~~

fua.fua.wat a great vacation..although its a short one(3days) but i
had a great time..:) well..we stayed in the bayview hotel.where we
can see the view of the 'bay' of coz from our hotel room;) such a nice
view.every morning pun rasa macam nak pegi mandi laut:P

that's from our bedroom's window =D cool ey~

so our first day was nothing much,just went out for dinner at pekan
kuah and i ate the best penang laksa i ever had~!!(i tot penang was
famous for its laksa..langkawi oso got laksa :) ) then we just walk
aroun the pekan kuah since we arrived pun dah pukul 10pm :P so we did
something weird..actually not that weird..we wanted to go for karaoke..
but the karaoke lounge is together with the we have to enter
the pub then we can get to the karaoke room..(s0ooo not like the
japan's karaoke) so then we all tak jadi nak pegi karaoke *shishhh*
since the place was a bit obscene (eh,betul ke eja obscene?)

so the next day we went for walk at the pekan kuah..and we did nothin
much..haha..sebab we banyak jalan but do nothing..more like a sight
seeing and eating:P so we went to the famous chocolate selling place
called ismail group :P not like a kilang of coz..just dat u can get
imported chocolates at a very low price ;) so we bought chocolates~~!!
yeay!!my favourite food!hehe..then we went to idaman suri..its a
famous place for cheap plates and bowls and all those surirumah punya
idaman things :P *note that the idaman and the suri word;)* so mama
bought herself loads n loads of cutleries..huhu..imagine we have to
bring back a HUGE box from the langkawi..aiyark~!!so we jalan2 until
6pm!!huhu almost dark..then we have to rush back since we have a
formal dinner at 8 :)

nothing much during the dinner but after the dinner~~~ we went 2 this
boom boom corner in pantai chenang..aroun 11pm..we met this en.mamat,
a very nice man.i mean very..very nice..he treat us the best roti
boom ever la~!!!woo-hoo!but then tak sempat nak tangkap any pictures
with him..coz forgot to bring the camera..aiyark~!! tapi memang bestla
the roti boom.the place oso with the indian punya environment and the
music was kuch kuch hota hai.haha!!and i ate TWO!!imagine the butter
and all :P but since the boom sedap..kalori semua tolak tepi=D ngeee...
then we went back to hotel aroun the next day awaits~~yeap~~!!
its swimming time~!!!

dats us plus iman,adik angkat:P ash took the pic ;)

early in the morning..more like sesudah,
we went for our first swimming~!!!*note dat most of the time spent for*and we met this lil kid,named iman.anak datuk mansor mana we played and swam for 2 hours~!!hahaha..then naik2 je semua
orang pun sunburnt :P actually mama tak turun with us.but we saw her at
the hotel window..melambai2..we apa lagi..lambai balik menggoda2 suruh
dia turun mandi with us.hehe..turned out to be fun la maaa~~!! ;) then
at 9 sumting we went for breakfast..s0oo hungry by then.and i ate a since its our last day in langkawi..we went all jalan2
to dataran helang,again to ismail group to buy more chocs,then we go to
samudera and then we headed to the seaside for mee rebus~~!!;)yum2~~
the place was nice..i enjoy the ala2 bali..:P hehe..
then after a lo00ng jalan2..we headed back to hotel and ready to balik
KL.. :'(

so our flight was at 8.35pm,agak sedih to blah so early..but then..i
still have things to do in KL..this holidays was the only getaway i
could get from the hectic work ;) yupe..wake up to reality..
hello real world;) but its not the end yet~~haha..i'm going to kak yan's
kampung tomorrow with kaem~!! woo-hoo~!! batu pahat!!here i come~!!
(^0^)/ pictures of langkawi here : **~laNgKawi~**

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

nothing left to do but pray~*

hey people..nuren~to u too!had been really tired lately..i think
its from the flu!but then i just hafta take care of
ameer since he's all grumpy and doesnt want to be fed coz mama
said he 'gatal gusi'~ wth?i think he's tooth coming out
today went to the clinic for this flu *hacchum!!* then teman
dee dee to buy ameer's cool is dat?!walker
and rocker 2 in 1 =D then rushed back home for driving class.. ;)

yeay!!i can do the cornering pretty good now*nadz!!wait till i
lulus..then i can fetch u plak*gags*and still have another 8hrs
to go i guess..i am s0oo tired at the mo.due to the drugs.heh.
and might gone to bed early tonight..s0oo tak larat.oh,anyways,
i HAVE NOT,i repeat have not!!finish my research and i'm
left with another 2 weeks to go *shait!!* actually,if i was
lucky,there were groups of japanese coming but then mr.lee didnt
get back to i guess.i wasn't lucky then:( for now.i am
s0oo tired and buntu idi...i am left with nothing but pray..
HARD!!!*sigh~* going to langkawi for holidays
on thursday..can't wait to get tanned~@! yeah...right~!! :P
langkawi!!!here i come!!woo-hoo~~!!!(^0^)/

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Monday, December 18, 2006

had been really busy lately..and stressed too..but then tulah.
wat to do..semalam jumpa abg walid and kak yan.fetched them at
the airport..then went to satay kajang.sesat otw balik to TTDI
sebab by then dah pukul 1.30am.seb baik kak yan called mama n
told her that we will b back late.then end up sesat from kajang!
aiyo~~ then sampai ttdi aroun then abg walid dah all
tired then mama was awaked and asked them to freshen up first
before sambung balik perak.anyways..i was blog hopping then i
read these on kak mizz's it goes~* ;)


- erin

- erinchunk (by nuren,piah,jana,kak yan)

- erinji@eringiE *by certain peeps*wink2*


- erinadnan16

- erindere

- erinji


- my hips don't lie..haha

- my heights?? :P

- my cheek so0 cengkung *sigh* and my broad shoulder??eh dah
lebih eh?:P


- Malay

- Malay

- and sedikit Siamese sangat jauh~


- snakes!!!! even pictures oke!!

- cicak!!!

- losing my loved ones..of coz =)


- have at least TWO GLASS of teh tarik@ais

- nasi ok ker??i orang melayu~

- chat with nuren!!!


- my motorola razor~!!*gosh~!sangat takleh kalau takde:P*

- my le sport sac

- my burberry touch~~oh la la*

- my things i bought in japan=D


- t-shirt

- pants

- specs??i am s0o needing it =D


- the strokes!!

- gwen stef rocks~!!

- greenday..always~@@ and coldplay jugak boleh??:P


- in my place : coldplay

- running : gwen

- any songs by the strokes and greenday =D *tamak*


- trust of course!

- unconditional love and care

- everlasting..*macam la dah ada :P*


- mata sepet *mesti!!* lol

- cute lips *sangat!!!*

- er..fair skin=D


- singing in the shower *seriously*

- blogging *sangat!!*

- jogging =D


- go to japan!!!

- buy that eternity perfume..i'm so in love with it!!

- finish my research!!seriously~!! and web designing X(

-oh~suddenly i'm so0 in love with ucci envy me 2;)


- japan :P

- finland

- Makkah


- hehe..something with natasha,aira or ameer =D lol


- sempurnakan hidup as a good muslimah

- let 'him' know

- make things easier for mama and papa


- i play soccer,i watch soccer

- hit my brother really hard!!

- i can't sit properly :P harsh words considered onot??


- worrying about my hips+heights+weights??:P

- shopping.. and flirting lol

- gossiping!!!



- kimu taku

- jack johnson :P


- nurenchunk!!

- azz!!

- nadz!oh can i add~shahnaz :P

& Fizz haha..thanks to kak mizz..i had been too stressed to do
anything :P hugs kak mizz..hope to see u soon.

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

saya sudah gemok!!nak buat camne ni~~?!! :P

hehe..horror tak tajuk..??ngeee=D well..for the past few months..
i think i've gained weight..seriously..people said its better for
me to be this 'look'.or is it shape?hahaha..yes..u may see me not
THAT gemok!!!but i gained 3kgs for the past few months!!fuiyo~~
i am s0oo freaking not realizing fine..lets list out the
food i consumed (wtf??hahaha) here goes:

1)ok..i ate..nandos..erm..for almost everyweek?but since early
this month belum lagi. *check*

2)then,i've been eating meals..hmm..3times a day~* woah~~dats a
triple check!!*kat rumah tableh lari aa sure 3times a day!:P

3)then i ate fast food?? far not a big fan of fastfood..;)

4)erm..i ate ice cream??or was it ice creamssss??*banyaknyer ss*
well..dats almost everyday!!!*gosh*so freaking debab!!!

5)i ate oily food.erm..not really..but 2~3 times a week okla.

6)i ate pizza!!!*mak!!ini memang takleh one month..dah
makan TWICE!!!*plus LASAGNA oso!!twice idi!!:P

7)ok..i like sweeeet food!!!i can't help it!!urgh!!everyday,umm
dalam.....berapa cal eh??TAK TERKIRA boleh??:P

8)teh tarik~ *susu pekat and teh pekat* lol..EVERYDAY!!!=D

s0o..cukupla..8lists..banyak lagi ni..i am s0oo not gonna list
them wonder i barely jog THAT fast lately..haish~@@
ok..s0o i think i am now officially..gonna have to diet=D err..
boleh ker??!!NO GUTS NO dak band plak :P maka
dengan ini..saya akan mengurangkan ice cream?? OK!!~i can
do it!then..i want to makan my meals 2times a day~ can...
kat college boleh..xkan kat umah tak bleh?? =p ok then i nak
pegi jog/walk/cycling 3times a week~
ok..sure can!!;)last but
not least..mengorbankan my teh tarik addicted..so0..i will try
not to drink too much teh tarik :'(
warghh!!!~!!s0o hard ooo!!
and of coz!drink a lot of air masak ;)

so now..i'm officially leading a healthy role model is..
sazzy falak..hahahah boleh tak?!! but she's s0o small!!kira
my heights wat..s0 of coz i can be sekecik her..hehe..shed some
baby bum fat..ngee=D *ganbarimasu~~!*note dat i am doin a
healthy diet don't be like nicol richie..very skinny.even
baju paris dia tak offends nicol,u still rox!~!@

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Monday, December 11, 2006

my first home-cooked lasagna voila~(^0^)/

though its not as pretty as it should be =D but tasted goo0od!!

hey peeps~ fua..fua..i know..i know you all will surely tak larat nak keep
up with my updates :P cuti sebulan..i think i will end up doing 30 entries!!hohoho..anyways,yesterday was really a HAPPY DAY!!hehehe yep!the day
before was HAPPY too..but i think everyday is a happy day~ :) mama
suddenly feels like cooking lasagna yesterday..but she doesnt know
first time in my life,my mom asked me how to cook!!!! comel la
mama~~ nways..we tried to cooked the lasagna,with me as the chef..voila~
here's my very own beef lasagna~ erin style! hehehehe..a bit tak jadi coz
its my first time.and a bit kurang cheese :P but i am s0o gonna master it..
coz its s0oo sedap!!!it even habes you know!~~ everyone ate it and i only
sempat makan sikit je.but i'm happy!coz i finally learned how to cook my fave lasagna!!mama mia~~ lalalalalla~ hehehehhe

for the past few attached to my laptop coz kak noni asked me to do
her classroom's website.and i was thinking the ideas was like woah~~how la
eh??then my sis in law,kak dee plak asked me to do her cute la
them.sangat bersunggug2 dengan IT.haha they were making me the IT whizz
as the reason to do all these web thingy,but they'll pay me for this!woohoo~!!
am so0oo freaking excited :P *note that i'm not as whizz as aida hazrina ;)
*peace aida*

semalam tido lambat giler..sent ameer to ppum.he has to operate his hernia.
sian kan??baru 6months.then after that we're all too tired.but i sempat shop
baju jap kat OU.this is s0oo gonna be my last shopping!@mama dah bising
coz i spent A LOT!~ takpe..kita tunggu dan lihat :P so then balik
umah dah pukul 8..pegi dinner kat santai..then dah pekena teh ais dia~
haaaaa!!!~ sila stay up sampai kul 4 pagi!!chat ngan abg walid and amin.
huish~dasat gak:P tapi sambil2 tuh tengah merangka2 website kak noni.arini
mama pegi johor pun tak sedar..pengsan sampai kul 10 pagi.gara-gara tido
lambat.tengok2 mama papa dah pegi pun..huhuh..okei.nak sambung keja
web designing.*i tink i'm gonna slow down blogging :P *

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Friday, December 08, 2006

sangat happy lalalalala~

hehehehe..*grin*grin*on the same day dayana rog's the
same day i felt the happiness ever!!!i just got a parcel all the way
from japan!!!sangat thrillllllll pleaseeee!!hehehe..macam i plak
birthday gal =D *peace dayana* went to OU for lunch then on the way
back,i was in the car at the traffic light nak masuk simpang my house..
from far i saw this pos laju punya van..papasiap horned suruh orang tuh
tunggu sat.hehehe...takut orang pos laju cabut plak kang..melepas...
*papa thought the parcel was for him..huhu*

turun2 kereta je..mama tanya:"parcel untuk sapa?haji adnan ke?"
i siap cakap..mesti dari jepun..untuk aku ni =D sekali abg posmen pun
cakap:"cik!erin adnan..." wah!!!thrill nak mati!!!!!pos laju
pleasseeee!!!terus i sign the box and yep!!thought so...its all da way~~~
from JAPAN!=D *wink*wink*

the box when it was received

the pretty box inside (^.-)v

the gifts!!terharu pleaseeeee!!~

nampak x??ngeee..hontou ni domou arigatou gozaimashita!!!ureshikatta!!!~

so..yeah!its from my dearest friend in tokyo,yuki!;) she ALWAYS sends me
parcel!every year!!sangat nice kan?siap bagi cards,pictures,key chains,
chocolates,cookies,fewh!too many to mention.owh,she gave me her picture
when she was in amsterdam!!!s0oo nice..the view...wah~!!makes me wanna
go to amsterdam..she's really nice!!super~!!!nice..i just wrote her a xmas
card..but belum hantar..dia dah hantar kat i..huhuh..sweeeetttt pleasee!!
i definitely kena shop for her xmas gifts plak..weeeee~~!!shoppinggg lagi!!

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

movie week plak!!!

hello~~ waah!!s0oo tired today..woke up at 8.40 which is awal for me
because i'm meeting mr.lee..who is mr.lee??haaa...this guy i dunno
how lucky i was to get his number..because i need to do my research
on the tourist guide i called malaysia tourism centre,then
they connected me to the tourism malaysia(its two different things aa)
then suddenly i got this mr.lee met him today at klcc..met
at the starbucks and yes!!got the deal with him so i'm going to be busy
this whole more shopping *sigh* coz i need to concentrate
more on my still have langkawi and batu pahat to enjoy!
*wink*wink*so ash accompanied me to klcc today so i treat him movie..
yeay!!happy feet!!he had watched it twice..lalala..i dun care!!i bayar..
u ikut..hahaha..but then we were 15mins late!!because this mr.lee seemed
to like to talk so in explain things la..aduihhhhh..but okla..
coz he'll help me later ;)

happy feet was fun man!!s0oo cute and..HAPPY!!hahaha..i really..really..
enjoyed watching it..its really interesting of coz!but in a cute way=D coz
ada ramon the corny guy!!he is s0oo perasan but funny guy..i lovee him!!!
so then we had lunch with zaza..who turned out to be in a rush.hmm..funny
thing is dat..umm..if ur meeting in the middle of the meeting
can u actually say "doing sumting else is better??" woah!!i'm not refering
to anyone specificily..but then..why bother meeting at the first place:P
anyways..ash bought himself a new tshirt.haha.he's trying to be funny when
he wanted to buy a shirt in nike..and we're at the counter..and he told me
he had no money!!!hello~!!i almost choked!!adui..nasib baik bawak extra $$!
a-ash..a-ash :P so after that we decided to head home.

bought the casino royale dvd and watched it.hmm...not bad!!actually..daniel
craig..adui..hensem jugak mamat nih.kira macho la.coz i had been watchin
the james bond's reruns..and this one turned me on!:P he has this serious
face and curved lips *note that first thing i noticed about a guy is his LIPS!!*
especially like eminem and takuya!!tolong..tak bleh tahan!!
movie was overall okeila..but the heroin plak mati..eva green cun eh!watched
her in the kingdoms of heaven her smokey eyes..memang cantikla..=D so yeah!
overall..this week is more of a movie week..coz next week is

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Monday, December 04, 2006

harajuku style baby!!harajuku !!woo-hoo~!!(^0^)/

ok..a short entry..guess wat i did today?!!ngeee =D i bought myself two
of the le sport sac limited edition.yeap!!the tokidoki edition!!woohoo!!
am s0oo loving it!!harajuku style baby!!lalalalalala...i am s0oo gonna
love my holidays!!!coz i go shopping A LOT!!ngeee =D is dat wat all the
sspians like to do and good at?? :P

am going to meet kak yan this 16th and then am going to langkawi on the
21st.ocean soo0o gonna go snorkeling and get tanned!!ngeeee =D
and cheap chocolates!!hey ho!!hey ho!!this is the best holidays
lah..lepas ni start sem dah kena serious balik :'( so am living my life
at the fullest..haha..then right after that,i balik from langkawi..will
go to batu pahat!!jay bee style road trippin' hehe..rina sytle baby!!rina
style!i wanna spend my time there with my second family a.k.a walido n
hariyani's..kotakemukaihara peeps..miss them a lot!!and arisa rena..aunty
erin gonna bring u the pooh with da drum..kickin'~

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

pizzzzzzzzzaaaautttt!!!pizzzaaaaaaaa innnnn!!!

lalalalalal...i oledi lulus the ujian bertulis..duh!then i'm left wit
another 3 hours of mr fung's class!yeay!!then i'm on da road.but it
kinda freaks me out..coz we (there's 2 guys and me at the back of the
kancil..i was squashed!! :P ) were sent home by this guy..he's actually
testing he's driving skills when mr fung asked him to send us all home!
aiyo!!i was really freaking out coz his cornering!!aiyo u tell
the james bond in casino royale one thing,then he breaks!!aiyo like dis
makcik short sighted went and brake right bumper to bumper..guess wat?!
i started to mumble to myself in the car " i can't actually be doing THAT
am i??" huhu..i was dead for a while..ngeee =D don't blame me..blame the
genes:brave at the outside,chicken in the

anyways..2 days in a row been sleeping in late 1) due to the teh tarik i
drank in santai 2) due to the teh tarik i bought at uptown..both are due
to my over concerned attitude so i tried to stay awake just to study for my
ujian bertulis for undang2 :P *note that i was not really concerned
earlier,which leads me to under pressure which leads me to OVER concerned
and lesser sleep!!**erm..faham tak?? :P since its all over now..i
just woke up at 6pm after a l0oong sleep from 3pm=D i was s0oo
bangun2 for a while then we go to OU for pizza!!yeay!!(^0^)/ ngeee..ordered my pepperoni and frape mocha *oh!heaven~~!*thanx to kakak
and abg amin.i LLOOOVVEEE being the younger sister =D *grins* oh!actually,
i wanted to order lasagna..since i had been craving for the lasagna for
the past few weeks!!but then i was really bummed..because there's only
seafood lasagna and guess what?!! there's no beef lasagna for almost 3years
now!!!wow!!I DIDN'T KNOW THAT!!!

look at the lovie dovie =D imagine sebulan sekali jumpa tau!!s0oo pure!:P

not to exclude the rascals..hmmm...where did the thorns go?? :P i was browsing thru my xanga and my roadtrip i misses my
ENGLISH a LOT!!*since dats the only language i can speak with my japanese
friends back then*..then of coz!i miss all the places i was really my first sakura,my first snow fight,my first japanese crush :P
its like my second home there *sigh* anyways..s0oo enough for now.since
everyone are too busy to read or too busy do anything..syed's going to oz
tomorrow..ngeee..guess who's syed??for me to know..for u to find *wink*wink*

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Friday, December 01, 2006

ok..yeay!!lulus..of coz!hehe..even feena,denise,nuren,kak noni,kakak
pun cakap..they said it's easy..but since..u know my lil bro crisis
n's a catastrophic u know :P but he can be a good advisor
sumtimes....he can be matured at times but most of the times he is
a prankster!!and seriously!! a spoilt brat :P not tell him i
told u dah lega la dat the test is i
can actually blogging or watching tv without feeling any guilt :P
*note dat before the test..i barely look at the 'contoh soalan'* well,
am glad it's over..

actually i'm waiting for my brother to send me the pictures from our
open house the other my kokugaku clan pictures inside..but
then..knowing my brother with his addiction to the game..haishh!!tak
abes2 main game and i've been waiting for him to upload je:P tula...
menumpang camera camera was 'KONG' at that time..i love the
clan picture..all the kokugaku clan was there=D class tom.
hafta wake up early~ *sigh* nurencHunk~omedetou!!!mata chato de=D xx

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urgh!!!s0oo geram!!!

ss0ooo gerammmm at the mo!!got the driving writing test tomorrow,
which is today..and i haven't finish reading the book and the
soalan contoh and my lil' bro is s0ooo sakitkan hati i!!!urgh!!!~
i dunno why he can't leave me for even a second!!!i told him to
leave me to study for my test and he can't stop disturbing me,
teasing me,singing,babbling,laughing and trying to make me talk
to him!!! and its really..REALLY getting into my nerves!!!!!!!!
i don't want to shout which is the last thing i would do since
my elder brother and sister are at home and i'm sure its gonna
be tsunami..but then he JUST don't get it is it?!!urgh~~!!

i end up crying and pleading to him to leave me alone (i was faking
my cries before that,but he just wont believe and was mocking me!!)
wah!!!now I'M s0oo stressed up azz!!!sangat geram oke!!!!i feel
like shouting right now..and guess wat??i cried :P then he left
me..and went's all because of abang,he uses my lil
bro's room to play the need for speed carbon.dayme!!!now i feel
much better coz i'm left alone and started to realize..maybe i was
t0o panic..coz i dunno whether i can answer or not :P plus~~ i haf
not really..really sit and read properly at the questions..so0..i
think i freaked out..huhu..wish me luck~ *note:sometimes my brother
really gets into my nerves~~ argh~~~!!!*

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