Tuesday, November 21, 2006

yeay~~~ its over~~!!

fewh!!the exams just ended last friday..and yeay!!i can finally
lepak and lepak..and lepak and lepak!!!hehehe..i even went to
jalan-jalan right after the exam.bought wireless and desktop
for bro..ash is s0oo thrilled dat he can finally have his own pc

anyways..last sabtu..which is 2 weeks ago..i had this HUGE open
house..quite huge coz food habes!!!hehehe..satay even hafta
reload..and reload and reload :P how ever..my friends sangat
ramai yang datang and thanks to all who came..thanks nadz,fizz,
kidd,lam,aliaa,lava,and koku clan.ecah,piah,solmaz,..hehe...and
fewh!!too many to mention!huhu..but it was greeatla..having frens
all aroun me..althou my hot chicks tak dapat datang..sorang kat
london..sorang kat dublin..so kira fiza je la wakilkan..hehe..
i did had a great time..took loads of pictures!!heheh..thanks to
papa and mama of coz!!its even better if all my close ssp friends
could come :) enjoy the pics : open house!!

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