Tuesday, November 28, 2006

the sweetness of holidays~~** =D

lalalalalala~ just woke up at the RIGHT side of the bed.. :) then
headed for shower..off to one utama ;;) triple winks pleaseee...
then papa gets well as soon as he ate the nandos!!hehehe..am s0oo
proud to introduce the nandos to my mum and dad.since then they are
s0oo hooked!!hehehe..anyways..almost every week sure makan kat nandos..
(my dad is s0oo hooked with the chicks and i'm so hooked with macho
man..haha..i mean mocha :P)

then.....lalaalala..bought myself a pair of vintage jeans from miss
cindy..am s000oo loving it..the ambroidery at my butt!!ngehehe.then got
myself a cute bottle.. =D its pink!! so i got hooked with pink stuffs...
s0oo wat? :P this is s00 the sweeeeetnesss of holidayss...lalalalalalala~*
*note dat the picture below is the proof that i had the so-called-pink
syndrom for the past few months :p my bad...hehehe..

heheh..some of it i tak masukkan..sebab terlalu banyak.its so0o not me!:P

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