Wednesday, November 15, 2006

laalalalala...light up..light up

aweeee..the smileee ;) sangat cair okei~~

wah!!!s0oo tired and trust me..i can't wait to get over with this
exams..(>__<) s0oo tired of staying up late and waking up early to
catch up with my studies..

anyways..i just wanna scream and shout at the moment!!!!yeap!!!
besides lack or was it overdose of caffeine but i am s0ooo in
love with ashton kutcher!!!he is s0oo hot!!this is the SECOND
time i'm making entries on him..woohoo!!!~ plus i love the
snowpatrol!!turned out to be the OST for the guardian was sang
by SNOWPATROL!!with my hunkie in the movie..mummy!!!find me a
guy like him please!!besides although i had already found one..
(note to those who remembered abg ice cream..) yeap he is s0oo
my ashton kutcher..takpe..nanti one day..dengan izin Allah i
want to find my 'own'ashton kutcher..heheh..

and oh!!!i am s0oo gonna watch my hunkie in the GUARDIAN!!!u
can see my hunkie wearing nothing but pants!!ooo0oo~~ and
yep!!swimming like 8hours a day for the movie..he definitely
got the 6pads!!!praise for him!!!!!!!!toodles~~ ;P last paper!!!

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