Tuesday, November 28, 2006

all done..almost there

fewh!!finally!!i had completed the proposal for my fyp..yeah!!i
think i'm gonna go for the project that dr norwati suggested on
me..thanks to eija and ira..i will try to get the device and see
wat i can do.anyways..today was a bit kelam kabut..but managed to
submit the proposal,meet jess,send the cd to eriko sensei but
didnt go to the mines with jess.thought wanna catch a movie wif
her..but since she hasnt finished her fyp yet,which she hafta
submit A.S.A.P..so end up heading home after meeting her.

oh!!did i tell you..i was interviewed by the newspaper kosmo!!
its more of a tabloid..dats wat PR lecturer told me..so yeah..
i was interviewed for the bicara siswi section =D hhmm..i dunno
when will it pblished but people!i'm a bit shy..but hehe..tengok
la nanti ye.in the kosmo..hehe..:"> lol anyways..papa wasnt feeling
very well today..i dunno why..he keeps on muntah2..sangat worried..
but i tried not to put on my worried face..coz its freaking
obvious.. :'( i hope he'll get well soon tomorrow.coz i want to
ajak him jogging with me :D

semester break so far..nothing much..just lepak at home and teman
my parents pegi jalan..everyday is like..jalan2..plus my bro tengah
cuti..huh!trust me..its catastrophic at home :P then i had installed
the streamyx at home(believe it or not,all the installment..i kena
bayar sendiri because i nak guna for my fyp :P )..got to chat with
nuren!yeay!!finally~ hehehe..many...many dark secrets there.. :D
ngeee..nurencHunk..ganbatte ne..atashimo ganbatteiru ~ xoxo

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