Tuesday, November 28, 2006

the sweetness of holidays~~** =D

lalalalalala~ just woke up at the RIGHT side of the bed.. :) then
headed for shower..off to one utama ;;) triple winks pleaseee...
then papa gets well as soon as he ate the nandos!!hehehe..am s0oo
proud to introduce the nandos to my mum and dad.since then they are
s0oo hooked!!hehehe..anyways..almost every week sure makan kat nandos..
(my dad is s0oo hooked with the chicks and i'm so hooked with macho
man..haha..i mean mocha :P)

then.....lalaalala..bought myself a pair of vintage jeans from miss
cindy..am s000oo loving it..the ambroidery at my butt!!ngehehe.then got
myself a cute bottle.. =D its pink!! so i got hooked with pink stuffs...
s0oo wat? :P this is s00 the sweeeeetnesss of holidayss...lalalalalalala~*
*note dat the picture below is the proof that i had the so-called-pink
syndrom for the past few months :p my bad...hehehe..

heheh..some of it i tak masukkan..sebab terlalu banyak.its so0o not me!:P

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all done..almost there

fewh!!finally!!i had completed the proposal for my fyp..yeah!!i
think i'm gonna go for the project that dr norwati suggested on
me..thanks to eija and ira..i will try to get the device and see
wat i can do.anyways..today was a bit kelam kabut..but managed to
submit the proposal,meet jess,send the cd to eriko sensei but
didnt go to the mines with jess.thought wanna catch a movie wif
her..but since she hasnt finished her fyp yet,which she hafta
submit A.S.A.P..so end up heading home after meeting her.

oh!!did i tell you..i was interviewed by the newspaper kosmo!!
its more of a tabloid..dats wat PR lecturer told me..so yeah..
i was interviewed for the bicara siswi section =D hhmm..i dunno
when will it pblished but people!i'm a bit shy..but hehe..tengok
la nanti ye.in the kosmo..hehe..:"> lol anyways..papa wasnt feeling
very well today..i dunno why..he keeps on muntah2..sangat worried..
but i tried not to put on my worried face..coz its freaking
obvious.. :'( i hope he'll get well soon tomorrow.coz i want to
ajak him jogging with me :D

semester break so far..nothing much..just lepak at home and teman
my parents pegi jalan..everyday is like..jalan2..plus my bro tengah
cuti..huh!trust me..its catastrophic at home :P then i had installed
the streamyx at home(believe it or not,all the installment..i kena
bayar sendiri because i nak guna for my fyp :P )..got to chat with
nuren!yeay!!finally~ hehehe..many...many dark secrets there.. :D
ngeee..nurencHunk..ganbatte ne..atashimo ganbatteiru ~ xoxo

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

semalam sangat tak larat..balik from the driving class like
dah malam..by then i was really hungry and really need some
sleep but i havent finish my fyp proposal..thanks a LOT to
eija and fren!!really helped a LOT!!ni pun kepala dah
pening2 lalat..tapi gagahkan jugak..semalam tido kul 2 pagi.
not like i still have papers to sit pun..but takpe..borak
ngan nurencHunK lama giler..hehe..sampai ngantuk pun ada..
imagine tak tido dari pagi..bangun awal coz nk pegi talk for
the driving class thingy..itu lain cite plak..then dah tak
larat gotta say buhbye to nuren..thanks cHunKie~ =D

kat driving class plak..siot je i kena panggil soh baca kuat2
buku KPP maka glamer la aku di kalangan bodoh memandu itu..
kui..kui..kui..but it was ok la..encik ali was hillarious!he
memang suka kenakan orang..maybe taknak make the class too
boring.imagine 5 hours..am sure everyone pun sure bored giler
if dia tak buat lawak..overall it was ok.hope i lulus ujian
bertulis la kan..then weee~ ok..nak pegi makan piza..mama made
a home made pizza..yummy~ NADZ!!!HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! xoxo

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

yeay~~~ its over~~!!

fewh!!the exams just ended last friday..and yeay!!i can finally
lepak and lepak..and lepak and lepak!!!hehehe..i even went to
jalan-jalan right after the exam.bought wireless and desktop
for bro..ash is s0oo thrilled dat he can finally have his own pc

anyways..last sabtu..which is 2 weeks ago..i had this HUGE open
house..quite huge coz food habes!!!hehehe..satay even hafta
reload..and reload and reload :P how ever..my friends sangat
ramai yang datang and thanks to all who came..thanks nadz,fizz,
kidd,lam,aliaa,lava,and koku clan.ecah,piah,solmaz,..hehe...and
fewh!!too many to mention!huhu..but it was greeatla..having frens
all aroun me..althou my hot chicks tak dapat datang..sorang kat
london..sorang kat dublin..so kira fiza je la wakilkan..hehe..
i did had a great time..took loads of pictures!!heheh..thanks to
papa and mama of coz!!its even better if all my close ssp friends
could come :) enjoy the pics : open house!!

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

laalalalala...light up..light up

aweeee..the smileee ;) sangat cair okei~~

wah!!!s0oo tired and trust me..i can't wait to get over with this
exams..(>__<) s0oo tired of staying up late and waking up early to
catch up with my studies..

anyways..i just wanna scream and shout at the moment!!!!yeap!!!
besides lack or was it overdose of caffeine but i am s0ooo in
love with ashton kutcher!!!he is s0oo hot!!this is the SECOND
time i'm making entries on him..woohoo!!!~ plus i love the
snowpatrol!!turned out to be the OST for the guardian was sang
by SNOWPATROL!!with my hunkie in the movie..mummy!!!find me a
guy like him please!!besides although i had already found one..
(note to those who remembered abg ice cream..) yeap he is s0oo
my ashton kutcher..takpe..nanti one day..dengan izin Allah i
want to find my 'own'ashton kutcher..heheh..

and oh!!!i am s0oo gonna watch my hunkie in the GUARDIAN!!!u
can see my hunkie wearing nothing but pants!!ooo0oo~~ and
yep!!swimming like 8hours a day for the movie..he definitely
got the 6pads!!!praise for him!!!!!!!!toodles~~ ;P last paper!!!

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Friday, November 03, 2006

feeling meellllooowww~~~* auwwww!!

i am really falling over you~~ seriously..time nak exam camni..rasa
cam nak demam..angau..homesick..restless..insecure..and one thing
for sure..i am falling for him..all over again..~ huhuhu...got
finals tom..wish me luck~

1.senibina komputer 4/11

2.public relations 6/11

3.special topis in cs 11/11

4.database system 15/11

5.operating system 17/11


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