Tuesday, October 03, 2006

second day~~

second day of puasa(hehe..for me..of coz!) what a day~~well,lets
starts with sleeping in late last nite with ash..watching the
constantine..pernah gak nak tengok cite tuh masa kat japan..tapi
tak berani..coz everytime balik dari baito..nak tengok cite tuh
pun dah tengah malam..kowei~~lol..quite interesting and yet..tak
berapa logik *of coz!!* and guess what?!!i missed the kingdom of
heaven..sheesh!!sebab both movie on air at the same time..dayme!
*tak dapat tengok orlando bloom ku..hehehe*

so early this morning ada klas XML~ helllooo!!!i dunno why..but
me and XML..very commited!!=D maybe because i find it quite an
interesting class..besides being the center of attraction of coz!
don't salah anggap..anyways..so dengan kelam kabutnyer..bangun
kol 7..from home okei..then papa sent kakak off at bangsar and
we went straight to serdang..chodouii sampai kat faculty at 7.55am!
woohoo!!~~ go papa!!;) and yes!!Allah knows how sleepy was i!!!
mana pernah bangun pagi,hellooo?!!so like in the class..Dr. Ali
tak abes2 duk pandang and explain to me and jessica..*we rocked
the xml class huh jess?;)*so the class ends at 10!!huhuhu...u
know how sleepy was i..terhuyung hayang in the class..reminds
me of sherot..sleeping genius:P

so then..teman jess pegi library and we went to cc to check our
mails and by then..i was too sleepy and my head was really2..
heavy..i NEED TO SLEEP!!!so balik bilik je terus landing!!!:P
got class at 2..and masuk lambat!!coz i woke up at 1.40pm!!aiyo!
by then..2.30 sampai and yes~ the class oledi started..and still!
still sleepy..dalam klas..curik2 tido..nasib baik presentation..
abes klas at 4pm and balik bilik terus tido!!LAGI!!lol..and guess
wat time i woke up??!6.40pm :p well..so much of my second day of
puasa..macam budak baru 5 tahun puasa..budak kecik lagi tahan!!
siap pegi main kat padang..huhu..so moral of the story: DON'T DO
ANY SUBSTITUTE CLASS AT 8!!mengacau my beauty sleep je (+__+)v

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