Wednesday, October 04, 2006


the birthday gal ;;)

oh!!btw,its my mum's birthday yesterday..rite after my 5pm class..
i rushed back to ttdi..imagine taking 2 trains and a taxi to TTDI!!
managed to get back on time...!!!~~

we celebrated at usual..our favourite family place..
nothing fancy..just the company of each other..i bet mama's happy
since all of us were lil ameer!!so there's 8 of us now!!
to my dearest mama..i love you sooo0oo much and May Allah bless you yah~~!! (^3^) mwaaaaaaaaaaaszzz!!

mama's cheesie choc cake~ yum2..

the ever sweeetest couple i'd ever seen ;) ya~

upacara menyuap kek :p

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