Monday, October 09, 2006

~~all to myself~~

hey there~~ its been more than two weeks we all bepuasa yeh~to those yang
still straight berpuasa..all da way peeps!hehehe..oh!!guess where am i??
huhuh..i just sampai from home..i was rushing from home at 7.20am to get
to UPM on time for my so-called 8 am XML class..(see how determined i am
with this freaking class) but i arrived je..NOBODY was in the
class!!!what happened?!! adakah class di cancelled tanpa pemberitahuan
kepada saya?!! (+__+) NO rupa2nye..the class was actually at 9am!!
urgh~@@!! ni semua gara2 saiful(my classmate) mengkhabar anginkan class
starts at 8!! here i am..while waiting for the NINE AM class..
at the lab..all to myself!!doh!

anyways..sangat happy!!dapat email dari yuki!!its been a while..since she
wrote to me..last week i just called her in tokyo.feeling bad 4 not sending
her ANY snail mail(last time she sent me 11 boxes of pocky and some cute
pictures and gifts for me ;) ) so then she was tellin me..she got a BOIFREN!!
aaaargh!!!~~s0oo good for you yukichang!!!nurenchunk~~watashitachi dou
desuka?daremo inai yo ne..HAHAHAHA..anyways..esok was planning
2 go back to TTDI today after class..and got plans with feena tomorrow..
we're planning to watch 'the devil wears prada' then will go to berbuka
puasa together!!yeay!!!ouh~got message from mona!!huh!terkejut sekejap:p
sorry mon..tak tahu :P oledi did wat u told me to ;) so class
to go..and azzahraa annuar~~!! updates pleaseeeee...kak nisa,hye~!how's
work?u looked a bit chubbier la..hehehe..happy eh? (^__-)v

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