Monday, September 18, 2006

ya Allah!!!ni semua gara2 kelam now i tertinggal my notes!!
dayme~~ and esok ada test!!! have any idea WHY i learned xml??
i myself also dunno maaa~ aiyo~~but find it irresistably interesting
and hard yeap!!i guess i'm commiting ANOTHER suicide:P boleh
ke mati dua kali?? :P huhuhuhu

ouh to mona zarita~ CONGRATULATIONS~~ alhamdulillah..everything
went well..yah? :D sorry i almost forgot..ada gak plan nak pegi..tapi
rasa cam taleh..hehhee...

oh!!about my research!!! i had finally came to JALAN BUNTU!!i couldnt
find a place!!aquaria and klcc rejected i'm left with SOFIAchunk~
futago!! tatsukete kureru??~~ so planning to make another conversations
like the one i did with amin..this time kena make sure clear and menjadi!
aja aja fighting~~ s0o..dalam tengah frustrated ngan research..seb baik
feena to the rescue..went out with her to watch DOA.kinda cool la the
movie..but feena said taleh lawan charlie's angel..hehe..too bad! but it
was ok la..not dat bad..interesting and hmm..a lil bit over reacted :P
so feen amek me at klcc and off we went to my house so dat i can siap2
tukar baju..and off we flew to OU..went with cik ti as well..and hehe..
after the movie..cik feena kita sakan ;) cik ti pun join
sama...hehehe..bukan slalu dapat turun kl ye,cik ti? so now~~~ i plak
malas nak study xml..tak abes baca lagi!!and yet!!tgh update blog!! :P
so people..might be 'hilang' for a week..coz this whole week ada tests~
urgh!!!~~ wish me luck.finger crossed~* toodles (^__-)v

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