Thursday, September 14, 2006

woohoo~~ freaking xml assignment tak siap lagi..operating system
punya assignment lagi la~~ tak sentuh langsung!!!mummy!!waht have
i done to myself?!! s0oo tired!!!yesterday was the KOC BIG EVENT!!
the special event was organized by the student of KOC class.we
went to organize this bengkel personaliti unggun bersama bon
it was a superb work!!!our team penajaan was damn good!!
congrats u guys!!!all of them was dressed to kill!!lol..mine was
simple je but they said i looked vogue!!waht a joke!! *note to alang:
i just wore like this simple baju kurung for hari raya and yet they
called me vogue..huhuhu* anyway..sums up..our event was OK!we got
fullmarks for that subject!!yeay!!thanks Dr.Fauzi!! <3333

but the event does not end just night we have the majlis
kemuncak which is the menelurusi jejak-jejak kecemerlangan
with the pengasas of nona roguy and mydin..yep!pasaraya mydin tuh..
heheheh..note dat our subject is public relationship so sebab tuh
ada pasal kecantikan,how to dress up,how to meet people and so on..
so the night event was supposed to be the best sebab ada ally
iskandar as the moderator..and then we have the cabutan bertuah..
hadiah dia bukan main lagi..pakej percutian to here and there..!!
best siot!!and the grand prize was a 29inch TV!!huhu..i wish i won
it..but too bad..but nasib baik..during the event we can bring any1
to go to the i ajak my room mate..and guess what?!!she won
the hamper!! least boleh i tumpang sekaki..smalam dah habis
pun melantak..hehehe..then we have yazer from yang i
nak tergelak sebenarnya..huhuhu..takde artist lain ke?!!! tapi he
IS handsome la..then i saw e-kin was there too.ehem2..gossip la tu:P

the night event was organized by the masters student.sebab tuh
prize dia gempak2..but then..boleh tak?!!! takde pun jamuan for us!!
dah lah start pukul 8!!abes pukul 11.30mlm!!!balik2..takde bus!!
and kena jalan kaki dari panggung percubaan tuh sampai kolej!!
tau tak!!!adei..penat!!!!2kilometer tau!!huhuhu...balik2..lapar
giler...makan burger pastu suruh my roommate buka hamper dia..apa
lagi..melantak ler..pastu boleh?!! terus tido!!penat sangat!!!
well..and guess what?!!xml and OS tak siap lagi!!!!urgh!!~~~

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