Tuesday, August 22, 2006

my weeeeeeekends!!

okei...hellooooo..=D hehehe..its been a while..if tengok
blog kak mizah..wah!!!dialah paling rajin update..hehehe
so now its my turn.been bz previous weeks like the last
time i updated pun was masa convocation fiza..and masa
tuh pun memang tengah ada exams and last week was like
my relaxing week..so memang relax nak mati..baru nak relax2..
skali dah dapat results and class was s0ooo laju!!i mean
the lecturer was blabbing their lectures like lajuuuuuu
sangat2..yes..yes..nadz and fizz i bet u guys thanked God
its over..hah?:( so maknanya memang takleh nak relax
LANGSUNG!!dahlah kena marah ngan lecturer..pee cakap dia period..haha..maybe..bayangkanla..kita cakap dia cakap
laju..pastu she marah balik cakap dia tanya faham ke tak..
bukan laju ke tak..so nak salahkan sapa??? *boleh tak??!!*
imaginela the whole class went dead and i was shocked and
OF COZ!! embarassed!!!seb baik lecturer..takmo marah lebih2
kang tak berkat ilmu..haha

plus being the R.A for fakulti bahasa was really..really
interesting..i have to go to Royal Selangor Pewter Visitor
Center to sorta interview the local tourist guide and Japanese
tourist for this research.so far belum start apa2 sebab kena
buat appoinment..baru pegi tengok the place and see the how
to get there and all..maybe this week akan start la kut..
insyaAllah..oh!!went out dinner with azz and guess who?!!
couple of the year~ *LAYLA & CALUM* aceh.....they were s0oo
zute and sweeeet nak matii!!!si calum is sucha dear~* **calum,
u better take good care of my lela** hehe.we went to chilli's
and sorry to say..the chicken crispies was s0oo MASIN!!!!huhuhu..
but managed to eat 1/4 of my plate..heheh..azz seemed to be
enjoying my corn..thanks azz..if not takde orang nak makan tau.
hehe..but the whole thing was ok..coz ada azz yang suka menyakat
calum..and lela..hmmm..u seemed to be in cloud 9 jeh~ hehehe..
anyway,thanks to azz!!hehe..duk ngan minah ni memang asyik gelak
je!!and i had a great weekend!!got to see ameer every single day..
**haaaa~**shiawase na~~ oh!my 'the strokes' tshirt is on the way..
thanks pee!!! (^__-)v

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