Friday, August 25, 2006

ladies~~ starts your engine..vroom..vrooommm~~

okei..i am s0oooo BUSY!!!besides the facts that i can still update my
blog la pun sebab tengah merehatkan diri sambil mendengar lagu
paris hilton..lalalalala~ this lady is s0oo getik but i just assume orang
yang nyanyi lagu ni orang lain..hahah..boleh?? :p

ya Allah..wat makes me s0oo bz..okei first let start with being the AJK
for tajaan..coz i have this public relation we're going to held
this special event with bon zainal,the groomer??,dato yusuf haslam and
ape nama minah tuh..yang pelopor sendayu tinggi tu..dis is all for our
class project..where everyone will be evaluated to get 20% 4 this subject..
dats a LOT ok!so i had been texting messages here and there and been
calling here and there to ask for sponsors.nak2 i ni penolong perhubungan ketua lagi banyak habes duit..he keep on calling je..sms2 ni
tak main la my credit for this month
is like over rm150..yea pojoe..its like wat..50dollar.and your salary as
a cleaner pun lagi mahal..hahaha..but since im using my OWN allowance..
it DOES matter okei=D i asked papa doubled my allowance for this month.

so second is filling up the forms for furthering my Masters in Japan..its
under the Asian Youth Fellowship program.actually i baru tahu benda ni
like middle of the month haritu so nak prepare tak sempat so ni tengah
kelam kabut nak siapkan esei 600pp..waht?!!heheh and the due date is 1st
SEPTEMBER!!! hello??i am so0oo harini sebuk nak cari info
on unis yang nak apply much of JUST my luck:p

last but not long term business--busy+ness--> is the R.A thingy.
i HAVE NOT get the interview to get the data at the Royal Selangor!!mummy!!
i had been calling this Mr.Jason..aiyo JASON!!kejap2 on leave la..pastu he's
not in la..babeng!!boleh tak??and my due date to get all the data is in TWO
weeks time!!!!HELP!!!!so yes..i really have to stop typing NOW!!toodle~~

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