Wednesday, August 09, 2006

its fiza's convocation!!!

hehehe..hey hooo...its been a while..last week was s0oo
tiring..and yupe it was the examination week..even on sabtu
pun ada test!!!urgh!norhafizah masram~ u are now officially
pimped by UM!! does it feel fizz?!!:D last
wednesday me+lela..and kemek too!went to fiza's convocation..
it was reallllllyyyy HOT!!! heheheh..before nak sampai UM,
lela n i went to midvalley..searched for sum stuffs.lel!!
regretted for the bear kan?!!hahaha.we can get 2 of those!!:P we went likecrrrazzzzyy!!! we almost
reached the UM but boleh tak?!!masa tuh..ingat dah nak masuk
UMnyer gate..i was about to puff my nose..then alang tercorner
ke kanan!!!LOL!!memang laaaa...kena cari u-turn balik..giler
gelak macam nak pecah perut..cian kemek kena dengar je la i
gelak thru the fon coz she tak tahu wats goin on...!!!*i was
asking for directions when alang swirved to the wrong lane!!*
nyahahahaha..but AT LEAST lepas ni dah tak sesat LAGI!!!haha!

ouh..the AGENDA!!fiza's convocation..kitorang sampai just
in time to buy her flowers and took picturessss..hehehe..
the details was t0ooo juicy dat we end up sent fiza home at
10!and alang n i end up balik nilai and sampai aroun 11..
penattttt!!i bet lel lagi penat:D sowieee...i can't drive..
nanti i belaja okei :P but the day was OKEY!!altho a bit
hot..but we had a great time!!sad gak..coz my frenz dah convo
dah..and my honey bunny fizzy pun dah keje!!!x achi!!! :P and
alang sempat pakai jubah fiza!!!hahaha..macam dia plak convo;P
tapi takde gambo la plak..ada kat alang's camera..sums up!!to

click here for more :fiza's convo!!

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