Tuesday, August 01, 2006

convo or not..i will still go!!woohoo!!~

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from left=siew ping,siti,ME and stella..gonna miss them!!

wah!!!i had a great weekends!!!well actually..it was quite
hectic!!!i went home like on the friday..and gosh!!kakak
fetched me and we were in the middle of the highway..boleh
minah ni penat and went like swirving to the right!!!gile!!
but seh was s00 tired la masa tuh..she even wished i ada
lesen so dat i can ganti her drive masa tuh!!lol..

anyway..so the next day went out with mrs.sofie and mrs.amir
;) hehe..we had a great time!!!lepak like lama giler..yep!
nadz!!we even like kena halau okei :P hahaha..so then since
the gerai macam nak halau we all went to mamak aroun nadz's
house..hehehe...nadz and azz!!! sila bergossip macam hell!!!
hahaha..HOT TOPIC!! -->siti nurhaliza+datuk k!!!hahahahaha.
and nadz!!muka cuak giler like masa sofie nak fetch her..
kan azz!!hehehe..orang buat salah memang macam tuh nadz ooi!

so the next day..i rushed to kl sentral to get my friend's
flowers for their convocation!!!gosh!!they dah grad!! :'(
wargh!!so jealous!!but its okei..i came with flowers okei;)
i had a great time with them..after um..3hours waiting.. :P
anyway...CONGRATULATIONS gals!!!right after dat..rushed balik
ttdi sebab nak tengok gol n gincu..kat hostel tv8 tak clear!!
hahah..sanggup!!!! :D so yeah!!it was a great weekends!!goin
out for dinner with feen this friday!!can't wait!! ;)

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