Tuesday, August 08, 2006

apa yang saya telah buat?!!(^0^)/

day 1: friday

after database class went straight to midvalley with
alel picking me up at upm.the night before,jido smsed
me..ajak i to go to midvalley.sherot,ita n malino are
supposed to be there and she said dat mekna and azar
are coming to kl!!so yeap!terus pegi midval and lepak
wif all of the gals!!but mekna n azar belum sampai kl
at dat moment so..i just lepak there from 2 til 4 je
since am going back to ttdi at 5.altho sekejap..but i
sempat gossip with kemek!!!bride to be!!and met jelot
as well!!had a great time!!thanks alang!! :D

and then sampai umah aroun 7,tot feena nak ajak dinner
but she tak inform..so i was eating half way when she
called ajak dinner!!baby babe nak jumpa!!yeay!!so yeah
she and ipin picked me up and off we went to rasta.tot
nak pegi santai..but macam tak banyak choice:P so we
ate tom yam and feena tolong abeskan my sayur..then we
ordered waffles n banana boat..nampak sedap je..hehe..
turned out to be MEMANG sedap!!ipin ikhlas eh?!! ;)
sebab memang sedap sangat..we finished it all up!!even
the banana boat ada brownies,icecream,waffles..gosh!!
banyak sangat makan!!thanks feena and bie!!the food was
nice!!mwaxzz!!!and then balik terus flat!K.O :P

day 2: saturday

pagi2 dah kena bangun sebab janji breakfast ngan mona:)
hehe..sowie mona..u kena tunggu i pakai baju..i overslept!
nyehehe..but we went to breakfast anyway..at the pasar
besar..fave venue i :) but the soto place was closed so
i had soto anyway..and mona had nasi lemak..and ada plak
this person nak kenal ngan mrs amir nih..lol..u la mon..
irresistable sangat..hehe..then we head to my house sbab
azar texted me and ajak me to OU!!!woah!!baru nak relax
kejap..lol..mon nak antakan so we went lepak at my house
til 12..then mon anta me to OU.thanks mon!!we DID suprise
kak naim's mom eh?hehehe..had a great time wif u too!!

then off i met jido,mekna,azar,madine and malino kat OU.
wahhh!!!sangat best..dengan si jido yang memang lawak nak
mati..asyik gaduh je ngan dia..hehe.dengki..then all of
them shopping!!tak achi..i tak ada duit..tapi takpe..i
bought this cute phone charm ngan jido..comel kan,jid?
urs poon!!then we ate at the chicken rice shop and went
like walking and shopping and going in and out of shops!!
memang giler penat!!then we went to xixili..the shop was
WOAH!!!NO CENSORSHIP..any guys interested?!!lol.cuci mata
i..huhuhu..then its oledi 6 and we were all hungry..AGAIN!
then we went waffle world!!!yeay!!my fave place with jid,
mekna and azar!!!!we had a BLAST there!!!!sila faham konsep
candid yea azarun!!lol..AGAIN..i ate waffles..i ate the
belgian waffle and tit bits of others..yummy billy and the
raspberry pancakes!!sangat sedap!!!!then its time to balik..
sob2..we had a gRRREEEAAATTT time kan?!thanks jido..and by
the time sampai kat umah,i was t0ooo tired to watch AF4..
but managed to watch it anyway...lol..farhan rox la weyh!!;)

more pictures here:!! PICTURES !!

dats wat i.ve been up to for the past weekends!!it was
really really tiring..and got tests this week and belum
baca satu benda pun..huhu..esok convo fiza..going there wif
lela..can't wait!! (^_-)v fiza!!!here we come!!CONGRATS!!!;)

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