Thursday, July 13, 2006


yeay!!!i finally can make my birthday entry :P did not happenned
they way i planned and was great!!(after 1 week
of frustration..hahah)..well..mula2 nobody noticed it was my birthday..
i was at my internship place at dat mo..but darling ferie tahu its
my birthday so she belanja me LOADS of food!!sushi..chicken and some
cute deserts..thanks ferie..mwxzzz!!!

from ash and his boo boo ;;)

and then cute lil bro and his boo boo gave me a cake!!!
s0oo cute la them..i love esther..she's my baby sis la now =D hehe..
aceh..dah dapat restu dari kakak mama gave me this
cute watch!!!i dayme loving it!!!sangat cantik..thanks mama!!!and then
dat nite we went for a dinner at santai..(i love santai coz makan nasi..
and still the price is cheaper than eating at TGI's hehehe..)and then
the next day was meeting alang and fiza!!!!

we met at klcc and lepak like hell...borak2 and had lunch at chinoz in the
park..huhuhu..mahal nak mati!! time we go to dat californian
pizza better..or mebbe dome :P and then alang gave me this cute baju!!!
thanks alang!!!LOVEEEEEEing it!! =D mwaxzz!!!and then *i lost my fon and
m not gonna tell the details again..coz it was really sukxx!!!* so i was
expecting to get MY birthday cake..but mama seemed to forget =( and
she went off to malacca wf my dad :'(

alang gave me the dat i can wear for kakak's wedding and dat
watch mama gave me is s0oo cuteee!!! (^0^)/

the next and jid went to lela's house..she gpt this bbq party for
her birthday!!it was dayme fun!!it really took my mind off dat hilang
fon off we went with jido as the pilot and me as the co pilot..
hehehe..we drove all the way to nilai!!dasyat aaa..hehehe...and jido
gave me this cute lil baby doll night 'gown'..sangat comel jido!!thanks!!!

i really..really love it!!!then we had this hillarious bbq party with
alel being THE drama queen..hahaha..banyak siot dapat hadiah..sebab she
said nak ajak ramai orang so dat dapat banyak hadiah..hahaha..wicked
strategy!!and yes!!!had a greeaaaaaaattt!! time..we even watched england
vs england!! :P and the next day..went breakfast with
jid and alel in nilai and off we went back to kl and meet up foy to send
me back to mi house..

so like on the last day of my intern..went to secret recipe with ferie
and we had this chicken mushroom thingy..sangat sedap and i got brownies
for my farewell and late birthday wish!!!sangat sedap the brownies!!!
thanks FEC!!!its like i got 2 cakes for my birthday oledi :D dat nite mama was not aroun..i was s0oo sad..*i want my cake!!!*
and i smsed her and asked her where's my birthday cake (mengada2..haha)
then the next day is like my last day at home coz i hafta get back to uni..
urgh!!i hate skoo...not in the mood then..tengah sedih2 tu
tiba2 ma and pa came back with this huge box from secret recipe!!!!i got
my classic cheese cake!!!yeay!!!so dat wraps up my birthday!!!hahaha
panjang eh cite dia nak get to the climax ----> getting MY cake!!hehehe..
it was really great!!!i got 3 cakes for my birthday!!thanks maaaaaaa..

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