Wednesday, July 19, 2006

it wasn't dat bad

woah!!!had been freaking busy lately..and thanks to mr-i-dun-know-who..
i think i better stop menyengal as in swearing..since its bad for ur,i do agree its not good to swear but sumtimes when
ur in stress,bila u swear baru rasa lega..anyway i am not gonna write
a l0oong entry on swearing la the past few weeks
had been really..really tough for me..hate the new room,hate the new
block,hate the heat!!its s0oo HOT lately!!!hate the liars (some people
are being such arrogant..and i dont understand why),and i hate being alone..seriously..i can't tollarate with the environment at the moment..
although at times i can still smile if i get calls from pee or even alang..
sumtimes i rather talk to the fon for hours rather than sitting in the
room doing nothing..i miss all my friends so much!!!

note dat fiza!!! u jarang call me tau :'(

minggu ni je dah reload my celcom like 3 times sebab bosan sangat tak
tahu nak buat apa..i will go sms or call people..nak beli fon kad nak
fon pee..sure cepat je kad tu abes..rm10 boleh cakap 20min!!tak bes
langsung!!seriously..i really need to keep my mind off this ever
ridicilous state of mind.funny thing is dat today..i woke damn early
like 9.30 (dats EARLY to me okei :P) so i went like ironed my baju
kurung and then switch on to my trees song,and then followed by corrine
bailey then i will go humming throughout the song..aceh..macam happy like aroun 10 sumting..i went to the faculty for BREAKFAST!!
helloo..i never breakfast tau!!hahaha..pelik sungguh dengan
konfidennya makan2..kira awal la ni nak pegi klas kul 11!!then pegila ke klas..hmm...according to MY timetable..class pukul 11..sampai2 jer depan class..dengar suara pn zaiton dalam klas tuh..aik?? bukan ker klas kul
11?!! seriously!!!i made the stupidiest mistake!!!hahaha..gila
gelak guling2..sms nisa' she said class ABES kul 11 la dear!!!!

tu la..when u thought dat u had all things done purrfectly..rupa2nya a
complete MESS!!!wahahaha..and now i'm here in the lab waiting for my
next class which is at 4pm!! =D wah!!! sengal!!!! well..seb baik satu
je like malam ni nak kuar ngan faranad,LELA,azz and denise..
hehe..nak introduce to fave place to lepak ;;) i think
i better THIS new routine of mine going out everyday wif my frens so dat
takdela bosan mamat tuh kat jepun..nak ajak kuar..boleh..
hari2 naik kapal terbang..u sponsered aaaa :P huhuhu..and oh well..its
not THAT bad la.. :) but i wish it will get better la..haishh...

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