Tuesday, July 11, 2006

first day of skooo?!!! (+_+) uargh!!!

today baru balik uni...thot of coming back here yesterday..
tapi takde mood..plus i need to do some shopping..banyak
benda tak buat lagi..baru settle abes practical so like
all my stuffs for college banyak tak settle :P (alasan.lol)

so pagi tadi woke up like lazy bum giler..papa pun let
me sleep lama2 since he cuti..so he will sending me back
to college..so i pun went like showered lama2 (seriously
my lazy bum simptom seems to overpowering me..knowing
me NOT liking to get back to college..shucks!!) so papa
was like "bila nak balik ni?!!" and me smiling like kerang
busuk..hahahaha...takmo balik!!!wargh!!!then we went for
breakfast..yupe just the two of us..mama had this weird
stomach ache since yesterday which made me worried sick!
i believe papa started to like the fact his s0on to be
routine is lepak with me..waking up late n late breakfast
since he's retiring sometime at the end of the year...
yeay!!s0oon papa is going to be my jogging partner!!=D

went to my first class today and i am s0o not in the mood!
hahahah..obviously nobody does..and yessssss....i am so0
sedey..coz i kena kick out my college and stucked in this
alienated block..trust me..i hate skool...sebab i miss my
fren s0oo fcuking much (they all dah graduated last sem)
shucks!! suddenly i teringat lagu home: micheal buble *sob2*

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