Friday, July 07, 2006

erinGie:the last stand

okei..finally i had the chance to do an entry..its like so0o
fcuking busy la my SV came and check on im
supposed to make sure dat this website i done by today.
so since nano is not on my own..shaiit!!and jido
plak went to singapore..bestnyer korang...relax nak mati!!!
takpe..coz i have a GOODDD news!!!today is my last day of my
bloody internship..and i am so0o glad!!!nope..not because i
hate the place or anything..but i LOVEEEEEE it s0oo much!!dat
it makes me dont wanna quit la rite ;;) BUT i surely can't wait
to get back to my routine of waking up LATE~!!! yipppiee!!!

but still..i belum buat my birthday entry..wait stories
to tell tau ;) oh..and yess...of coz covering alang's birthday
bash..(altho i had made ur birthday entry lang! :P) coz i am
definitely want to cerita detail okei.. :) and oh..i got so0o
many things to tell you guys..but i have no time :'( but still
i will tell u later..and gosh!!although i will have my fcuking
weekends..but next monday dah start skola..shaiitt!!!double one!
and then i will go all tanned balik sebab UPM sangat panas!!!
huhuhu...(did i sound grumpy :P)

anyways..tadi lunch ngan ferie kat secret recipe..makan chicken
mushroom bla.bla.bla. but sedap!!!yum2.. :) last time i went
there was with da-da..and still..terngiang2..gwd!!!tolonglah
erin!!! is the end erin..FEC International
is definitely a rocking place!!insyaAllah..ada rezeki..i will
come back =D i had a great time here...mwacxz!!!

err...tetiba windu kat da-da!! :'( harap2 dis saturday will
meet him :P

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