Monday, June 12, 2006

muhammad ameer syahmi 8th June 2006

hello people!! i am s0oo happy..yep..i just got my first
nephew!!i am so0oo thrilled!! :D his name is muhammad
amir syahmi..he is s0oo adorable and gosh!u know wat?!!
i had been telling his mom dat i wanted to teach this lil
kid,japanese before he was borned..and wallah!!!kuar je
si amir into the world..mata sepet macam jepun!!!wah!!!
auntie erin is so0oo thrilled!! (ergk!!should i call myself
auntie ? :D) hehehe..and every morning i will go to his
ears and whisper.."OHAYOUGOZAIMASU AMIR CHANG!!"

wah!!!i fell in love with this kid la..s0oo cute,kan? :)
and i was telling my lil brother..wat should amir call i suggested..uncle in 'ash-abu' kan?
imagine: "uncle ash!! amir nak main soccer!!" wah!!i cant
wait till he grows up..mesti heart breaker macam auntie
dia..hehehe..and i will definitely spoil him la.. :D
agree tak fizz? *wink*wink*

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