Friday, June 23, 2006

wahh!!!i am s0oo addicted to nasi lemak lately!!after mama
bought me the nasi lemak the other day..its like i want to
have it every single day..hey u remember the
nasi lemak behind sekolah agama? ingat tak faranad,ayun
and canaz?it is s0oo sedap..and yes!!its still there..altho
the sekolah agama is lo0oong gone..hehehe..

oh talking about nasi lemak..its definitely nasi lemak
frenzy la weyh!like yesterday..i was late to work just
because i waited for ma buying me the nasi lemak..and then
today!!gosh!!its killing me..i was damn hungry..and i was
thinking of getting some chicken for the nasi lemak (actually
abang had put in the rendang daging inside! i DIDN'T KNOW!!)
so..i planned to go to 12th,waiting for the elevator
la kan?nak dijadikan cerita..the elvs is FULL!!so decided to
take a lift up.THEN..still the lift was FULL and guess wat..
until the 46th floor..the lift went went down like
"GANG!" ,lift tu macam turun ke bawah tau! maybe sebab berat
sangat kut..giler cuak!!imagine if it went down straight to
1st floor..tak ke mati?!!

so i decided to take the stairs and yep..from 46th floor-34th
floor!!crazy hah?!!gara2 nak beli lauk for my nasi lemak..then
i end up tak beli pun lauk tuh..and since dah lapar nak mati..
i opened my nasi lemak la kan..pergh!!harum semerbak..skali..
tengok2!! there it was the lauk are already inside my nasi
lemak!!argh!!! i almost died in the lift crash and yep..the
rendang was actually laughing at me..really OUT LOUD!! cibeng!!!

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