Tuesday, June 20, 2006

wow!!its been a while i didnt use my lappy(@__@) sangat
rindu okei.and i started to feel janggal with the
keyboards oledi:P didnt go to work the other day and
then end up taking the lrt to the longest route so dat
i can have my own time to mengelamun :P had always love
the train..coz it reminds me of japan A LOT!!and yes..
the only time i can have my short nap while listening
to my daniel powter..haha..most people sleeps in the train..
i wonder why myself..but i guess they hafta wake up early
to get to work then they can only sleep in the train la
rite..coz if dah sampai to their destination..kena pegi
keje la plak:P

oh..went to OU..ingat nak tengok movie..tokyo drift dah
kuar..but then ticket abes plak..so i end up beli ntah
pape..went to check out some presents for my gals..their
birthdays are coming soon..shila's not back yet for
holiday..alel too..but alel will be back in 3days..cepat
balik makcik!!i want to meet ur mr. calum ;) bought myself
a cute converse shirt and wicked earrings!!! so then i
indulged myself with BR31.nyehehe..i seriously will gain
weight if i keep my bad habit :P haish!

supposedly meet fiza for the ssp gath..but tak jadi..
hehe..for certain reasons la rite..:P my ameer went back
to kuala selangor with umi semalam..gonna miss u lil guy :'(
keep calling him ameer chang so he'll exposed to his
freaky niponnism aunty.hehe.thinking of joining the
birthday bash with him so we will have this HUGE cake la
rite..since ameer is still small so i can have the cake
to myself..hehe..wicked obachang :D counting days... ;)

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