Monday, June 26, 2006

cute bag from azz,dior n polaroid from myself :D

fewh!!i definitely had no time to update my blog
lately!!!ceh..macam bz sangat je ek?:P well..the
other day azz and wa came to my house..supposedly
they wanted to see ameer but ameer's not home..
but she came see me!!and this lovely
gal gave me my 2nd early birthday gift!!thanks
azz!! ;) like it..

and ouh!!i met alang!!:D actually i had a lunch
with imran (yes loo0ng lost 'friend')
den!! remember him?!!heheh..he still remembers u!
;) and then alang called and said she's coming 2
klcc too!!we had a maniac time!!heheh..its all
because of the 'pun pun'..HAHAH..its hillarious!
i even curi like 1hr extra for my break:D no harm,
as i said.."opis tuh bapak aku punya" hahahahah.
and dey was making this joke about this HUGE 'pun
pun'..huhu..lagi la..gelak guling2 kitorang.. :))

gosh!!another 2 weeks to go!!!and i'm done wif
my internship!!yeay!!and thanks to azz AGAIN :) 4
such a lovely gift.. ;) menambahkan my early
birthday gifts :"> counting daysssss .. :D

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