Friday, June 30, 2006

coz i had a bad day.. :'(

okei u can 29th is my birthday..
and thanks to all the wishes...and all..and yes!!of
coz i was happy and will make the full story of my
birthday later..but something bad had happened to
me.. :'( i lost my beloved samsung sghe630..its like
the worst day of my life coz earlier dat day..things
went all wrong like i dropped this..n i dropped dat..
and then like suddenly i got my 'period' like
everything so weird and i kelam kabut like i didnt
realized dat i misplaced my phone until i wanted to
sms alel to thanked her for my brithday gift..and
like everything went so quickly!so i went to find it
at my fren's office downstairs..coz i think it will
probably be there and it WAS there..i misplaced it
at the toilet then someone took keep it for
me..BUT she left her phone number at the
i called...when i called her..she said that she has
the phone wif i waited for her to send MY
phone to me..but seriously..memang malang haritu..
she said dat someone had took it from her place plak!!!

sial toll la!!!i am like s00ooo sad la kan...coz dat dad bagi :( so then i feel like..haish..
watta do :'( so i headed home..nak ditambahkan malang
lagi..suddenly masa tengah tunggu train..someone
came behind me and whispered : "miss,i think u have
a period stain on ur cloth.." i was like WHATT?!!!!
giler malu nak mati..i went like senyum kambing
and rushed to the toilet...and kat situ..tuhan aja
tau..menangis macam nak mati!!!!!!! i feel s0ooo down the worst dat EVER!!!gosh!!!and now..i'm
like seriouly..almost mereng and yes..i told to lel
and jid about this story and they went like gelak
giler...huhuhu..bila fikir WAS funny but
malang at the same time :P well..watta do..

anyways..this week is like my final week for my
practical...yeay!!! can't wait!! and people..i'm
still using the same number okei..but i need ur
number..get back to me A.S.A.P okei..muahsss!!

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