Friday, June 30, 2006

coz i had a bad day.. :'(

okei u can 29th is my birthday..
and thanks to all the wishes...and all..and yes!!of
coz i was happy and will make the full story of my
birthday later..but something bad had happened to
me.. :'( i lost my beloved samsung sghe630..its like
the worst day of my life coz earlier dat day..things
went all wrong like i dropped this..n i dropped dat..
and then like suddenly i got my 'period' like
everything so weird and i kelam kabut like i didnt
realized dat i misplaced my phone until i wanted to
sms alel to thanked her for my brithday gift..and
like everything went so quickly!so i went to find it
at my fren's office downstairs..coz i think it will
probably be there and it WAS there..i misplaced it
at the toilet then someone took keep it for
me..BUT she left her phone number at the
i called...when i called her..she said that she has
the phone wif i waited for her to send MY
phone to me..but seriously..memang malang haritu..
she said dat someone had took it from her place plak!!!

sial toll la!!!i am like s00ooo sad la kan...coz dat dad bagi :( so then i feel like..haish..
watta do :'( so i headed home..nak ditambahkan malang
lagi..suddenly masa tengah tunggu train..someone
came behind me and whispered : "miss,i think u have
a period stain on ur cloth.." i was like WHATT?!!!!
giler malu nak mati..i went like senyum kambing
and rushed to the toilet...and kat situ..tuhan aja
tau..menangis macam nak mati!!!!!!! i feel s0ooo down the worst dat EVER!!!gosh!!!and now..i'm
like seriouly..almost mereng and yes..i told to lel
and jid about this story and they went like gelak
giler...huhuhu..bila fikir WAS funny but
malang at the same time :P well..watta do..

anyways..this week is like my final week for my
practical...yeay!!! can't wait!! and people..i'm
still using the same number okei..but i need ur
number..get back to me A.S.A.P okei..muahsss!!

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

urghh!!!!not again..the same pressure i feel masa finals is
back!!!shitty cam sial...sebab kena buat like 40 layouts
sorang2!!!urgh!!!okei..dis is definitely killing me..okei
i love my job but i hate the in myself coz im
the one yang lembab siapkan..but hey!!tomorrow is definitely
a happy day for me okei ;) i hope all is well...

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Monday, June 26, 2006

cute bag from azz,dior n polaroid from myself :D

fewh!!i definitely had no time to update my blog
lately!!!ceh..macam bz sangat je ek?:P well..the
other day azz and wa came to my house..supposedly
they wanted to see ameer but ameer's not home..
but she came see me!!and this lovely
gal gave me my 2nd early birthday gift!!thanks
azz!! ;) like it..

and ouh!!i met alang!!:D actually i had a lunch
with imran (yes loo0ng lost 'friend')
den!! remember him?!!heheh..he still remembers u!
;) and then alang called and said she's coming 2
klcc too!!we had a maniac time!!heheh..its all
because of the 'pun pun'..HAHAH..its hillarious!
i even curi like 1hr extra for my break:D no harm,
as i said.."opis tuh bapak aku punya" hahahahah.
and dey was making this joke about this HUGE 'pun
pun'..huhu..lagi la..gelak guling2 kitorang.. :))

gosh!!another 2 weeks to go!!!and i'm done wif
my internship!!yeay!!and thanks to azz AGAIN :) 4
such a lovely gift.. ;) menambahkan my early
birthday gifts :"> counting daysssss .. :D

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Friday, June 23, 2006

wahh!!!i am s0oo addicted to nasi lemak lately!!after mama
bought me the nasi lemak the other day..its like i want to
have it every single day..hey u remember the
nasi lemak behind sekolah agama? ingat tak faranad,ayun
and canaz?it is s0oo sedap..and yes!!its still there..altho
the sekolah agama is lo0oong gone..hehehe..

oh talking about nasi lemak..its definitely nasi lemak
frenzy la weyh!like yesterday..i was late to work just
because i waited for ma buying me the nasi lemak..and then
today!!gosh!!its killing me..i was damn hungry..and i was
thinking of getting some chicken for the nasi lemak (actually
abang had put in the rendang daging inside! i DIDN'T KNOW!!)
so..i planned to go to 12th,waiting for the elevator
la kan?nak dijadikan cerita..the elvs is FULL!!so decided to
take a lift up.THEN..still the lift was FULL and guess wat..
until the 46th floor..the lift went went down like
"GANG!" ,lift tu macam turun ke bawah tau! maybe sebab berat
sangat kut..giler cuak!!imagine if it went down straight to
1st floor..tak ke mati?!!

so i decided to take the stairs and yep..from 46th floor-34th
floor!!crazy hah?!!gara2 nak beli lauk for my nasi lemak..then
i end up tak beli pun lauk tuh..and since dah lapar nak mati..
i opened my nasi lemak la kan..pergh!!harum semerbak..skali..
tengok2!! there it was the lauk are already inside my nasi
lemak!!argh!!! i almost died in the lift crash and yep..the
rendang was actually laughing at me..really OUT LOUD!! cibeng!!!

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

wow!!its been a while i didnt use my lappy(@__@) sangat
rindu okei.and i started to feel janggal with the
keyboards oledi:P didnt go to work the other day and
then end up taking the lrt to the longest route so dat
i can have my own time to mengelamun :P had always love
the train..coz it reminds me of japan A LOT!!and yes..
the only time i can have my short nap while listening
to my daniel powter..haha..most people sleeps in the train..
i wonder why myself..but i guess they hafta wake up early
to get to work then they can only sleep in the train la
rite..coz if dah sampai to their destination..kena pegi
keje la plak:P

oh..went to OU..ingat nak tengok drift dah
kuar..but then ticket abes i end up beli ntah
pape..went to check out some presents for my gals..their
birthdays are coming soon..shila's not back yet for
holiday..alel too..but alel will be back in 3days..cepat
balik makcik!!i want to meet ur mr. calum ;) bought myself
a cute converse shirt and wicked earrings!!! so then i
indulged myself with BR31.nyehehe..i seriously will gain
weight if i keep my bad habit :P haish!

supposedly meet fiza for the ssp gath..but tak jadi..
hehe..for certain reasons la rite..:P my ameer went back
to kuala selangor with umi semalam..gonna miss u lil guy :'(
keep calling him ameer chang so he'll exposed to his
freaky niponnism aunty.hehe.thinking of joining the
birthday bash with him so we will have this HUGE cake la
rite..since ameer is still small so i can have the cake
to myself..hehe..wicked obachang :D counting days... ;)

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

You Are an Indie Rocker!

You are in it for the love of the music...
And you couldn't care less about being signed by a big label.
You're all about loving and supporting music - not commercial success.
You may not have the fame and glory, but you have complete control of your career.
What Kind of Rocker Are You?

anyway..harini agak boring sebab takde idea..asyik memerah
otak sampai kering..tengok2 kat tapi
pergh!!design derang macam killer je..mine is like shitty
and bluergh!!and like cokia mana la kan..heheh..urgh!!i want
to kill myself..if your left brain is your stupid part of
brain coz u dont need to think but just being
i guess i'm not stupid enough to design la rite..hehehehe..
seriously..nano is so giving me credits :P

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Monday, June 12, 2006

muhammad ameer syahmi 8th June 2006

hello people!! i am s0oo happy..yep..i just got my first
nephew!!i am so0oo thrilled!! :D his name is muhammad
amir syahmi..he is s0oo adorable and gosh!u know wat?!!
i had been telling his mom dat i wanted to teach this lil
kid,japanese before he was borned..and wallah!!!kuar je
si amir into the world..mata sepet macam jepun!!!wah!!!
auntie erin is so0oo thrilled!! (ergk!!should i call myself
auntie ? :D) hehehe..and every morning i will go to his
ears and whisper.."OHAYOUGOZAIMASU AMIR CHANG!!"

wah!!!i fell in love with this kid la..s0oo cute,kan? :)
and i was telling my lil brother..wat should amir call i suggested..uncle in 'ash-abu' kan?
imagine: "uncle ash!! amir nak main soccer!!" wah!!i cant
wait till he grows up..mesti heart breaker macam auntie
dia..hehehe..and i will definitely spoil him la.. :D
agree tak fizz? *wink*wink*

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

uh-oh!i think i am close to kantoi..or was it i DAH

pernah tak u feel like ur dirty lil secrets were
safe all these while but actually ur NOT sure..
coz u know its a secret and u tried so hard to
hide it la kan..but the harder u try to hide it
the clearer it gets to the surface,kan? :D adeh..
apela i ranting ni..but i am definitely feeling
uneasy..coz i smelt something fishy..huhuhu

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

huhuhu..i got flu..haiyo..went to the clinic yesterday n
the doctor took 3 tubes of my blood..dahlah i ni low
blood pressure...dia pegi amek my blood plak :P

lela,si calum pandai main drum kan?nanti suruh dia ajar
boleh ?:P F.O.C la..hehehe..azz!!welkam back! ;) nanti
we meet up okei..jido??? where are thou?huhu..nanti u
sampai mesia bagitau okei.. (^3^) oh!!oh!! my birthday
wishlist :P :

1)strawberry cake yang paling best!!(found 1 in bread story :D)

2)polaroid camera!!--->dats my birthday gift to myself :p

3)meet shila and my fave gals and celebrate!!

4)special wish from da-da :P

5)the best day ever!!hey!!i'm turning 22 okei! :p

6)dapat belajar main drum!!-->alang please!!!!

hmm..ape lagi nak wish eh..? :D

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

yeay!!its june..and u know why?because :

1)dapat kete savvy harini!! yeay!!

2)my birthday is in june (^__-)v 29th june

3)birthday shila is in june 17th june

4)alang balik bulan ni!! :D

5)my UK friends are coming back!! as well as oz!

yesss...and most of all!!i get to meet my sspian
frenz on the 17th!!! people!! lets rock sspcj!! ;)

am happy by the cream = HAPPY!! (^0^)/

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