Thursday, May 11, 2006

its been 4 days now..i had been doing my practical
here in FEC International (Malaysia)..its been
quite interesting actually..because i have NO
idea to use the dreamweaver and now i KNOW!!gud
4 me,huh?;) i came in early coz ikut papa pegi
ofis so yep!!hari2 kena bangun 6.30am which i am
s0oo..not used to it (+_+) so bodyclock dah
lari gile..urgh!!! i makan this nice
cute lil not sure should call it bread
or wat..and yes..berpermandangankan..hehe..betul ke
my BM?huhuh..anyways berpermandangankan KLCC..
it is so0oo beautiful..shiawase naa.. ;)

oh..let me tell you about my workplace..its a FEC
International (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd and its a RFID
company..its radio freequency identifications i tink
:P so i am here to do my front of
my desk is Abumi Ayako,she's like a PA and beside
me is Honda..macam kete la plak :P and there's like
many interesting nanonano..dats my sv,
and there's fukuda,yamada,ferrie,cat,and err...dah
tak ingat nama..hehehe...well..esok cuti and i got a
due date until next tuesday!!i GOT to do a new website!
nano is s0oo hoping dat i will learn sumting..and
nisa chang!! i am s0oo clueless about dreamweaver..
balik umah kena buat homework..huhu ;) nurenchunk!!
miss u!! and my faveret gals..u know the three of u..
miss you guys like hell!!! urgh!!lel..i need u to
comfort me ;)

~suddenly missing abg ice cream :P

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