Tuesday, May 02, 2006

hehehe..i am still smiling until now..and yes!!
it was my 99.9% perfect d... ;) it was really funi
coz i wasnt ready when he picked me up..yep!!this
is not like not ready wearing the shoes or wat..im
like STILL choosing wat to wear!!hehe..last2 i just
grabbed a shirt and wallah! in 5 mins..i was ready!
but no!!my tudung was like senget bengot and er..
i tak pakai bedak! sempoi!! hahaha

and there he was..waiting la kan..hehe..cian..we
hafta go by my sis' car.sebab the taxi driver was
rude enough and told him to turun sebab the
taxi driver taknak tunggu i..siot tol!!huhuhu..
lantak la kan..and then we pun sampai our venue
and bam! it was helluva!!!!nyehehe.but funny thing
is..he asked me..where do i wanna go..i said wat..
"toilet.."..huhuhu...i really2 hafta do sumting
about my tudung and face la kan?!!so he was smiling
and waited outside..hehehe..buat malu je..and then
we went for lunch and it was really nice la..but
the irony part is dat..we never talked when we were
in school ( barely.. ) but i had a grreaattt!! time
dat day ;)

he said..if it wasnt me who is talkative.. (am i
talkative pee? ) he wouldnt know wat to borak..
i should say..i make people feel comfortable.. :D
i cant help it ;) hehehe..i wont be filling up all
the details coz its like me exagarrating and all :D
but i surely had a great time ;) have u guys watched
salon? heheh..he's my 99.9% perfect d... (like
pierre andre said to chelsea.. got it?) *wink2*

why is it 99.9% perfect..?because he's taken :( *haish*

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