Tuesday, May 23, 2006

wah!!!i am s0oo happy :D yesterday was baby babe's
birthday..so0o..supposedly she la yang patut dapat
hadiah rite..? :P but then..yesterday Too..i did
sumting st0oopid!!but fewh!it was close la..hehe
i thot i made the dumbest mistake ever!!(yep..its
definitely has to do with da-da *sigh*)

anyways..dahla i missed this stoopid bus on the
way nak balik umah..i end up jalan kaki all the
way from secret recipe..actually half way jer..n i
was saved by this bus la..hehe..i was damn tired
and sleepy (serious tersengguk2 dalam bas) and as
s0oon as i stepped into my house..i saw dis envelope
wif my name on it..i was s0oo excited coz i knew
instantly dat its from my japanese fren!!yukichunk!
gosh!!serious buat i rasa nak balik jepun tau!! :'(

she gave me letters (she wrote it in malay!!) and
she gave me a card,pictures!! and this cute lil
cat handphone strap!!sangat baik!!tau jer i love
cats!! *isk*isk* thanks yukichunk!! u made my day

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