Wednesday, May 17, 2006 do nothing..hehe..well not yet
maybe..coz i just submitted the two templates
i did..but however..i dont think it's as cool as
the one nano made before..but he said he likes
the 1st design..but the woman's head in the
template was a lil bit too big..hehe..maybe dia
big headed kut..'besar kepala'..haha.. is a happy day :D spoke to da-da;)
hehe..u know i'm happy when i dapat ym wif him..
sure orang ingat i gila..sebab i duk gelak and
smiling kat table sorang2..hehe..besides dat..i
got nasi lemak from simon and o-sushi from sofia
chunk..domou!!dah lama giler i tak makan sushi..
for like 3 months agaknya..wait..or was it 4
months.. :D and yeay!!it really made my day..

oh-oh..suddenly nano came to my place and checked
my work..and NO..he wasn't satisfied with my work
:'( biasala tuh..ingat senang ke nak buat website.
well..anyways..after i gave him my other 2 designs..
he wants me to do another 3!!aiyo~ seriously?!! i
am like so0o xde idea tau..huhu..nak nangis boleh ?
:'( tapi xde maknenyer nangis pun.hehe..okke..nak
sambung kije... ;)

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