Tuesday, May 30, 2006

sapa kata buat flash senang?:P fewh!!i made this
intensive course tau..on my own!!heh..sangat penat!!
urgh!!!people sure go like "apa yang penat sangat?"
:( ntah..i pun tak tahu la..i mean..i'm just doin
the website la kan..but its not as easy as people
think sebab i hafta do sumting like simple but
yet user friendly and a bit catchy!woah!!how m i
supposed to do dat?!i mean..how can u make sumting
simple but catchy?huhuhu..but seb baik la ada
eskrem guy ;) thanks to ice cream guy! :D haish~
one thing yang buat i taleh lupa about this ice
cream guy is when he seems to know wat to say..to
make me feel better..huhuh..susah kan? :D but as
pee said la..just go with the flow and anggap him
as fren..and see how far it goes..

haiyo..penat la..heuheuheu..penat ngan keje ke..
penat ngan ape..? :D anyways,saw this on the net :
Motivasi hari ini : Obstacles cannot crush me;
every obstacle yields to stern resolve.
**** -- Leonardo da Vinci

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