Monday, May 15, 2006

fewh!!i had a great rest!!spoke to kaem..we both
agreed that even studying in uni is not as tiring
as working..although we just sit and staring at
the pc in the office but we still feel tired like
we went marathon the whole day!haha..seriously..
it is s0oo tiring.even we had this 4 days holidays
and STILL we went sleeping like shit!lol..

well..cest la vie~ trust me..when u start working
in future..u will miss ur student's life..i did!!
although its been only a week..i feel like lazy
like shit je nak pegi keje..hehe...the only thing
made me going on is..nothing!!heh!but yes...wat to
do..bak kata celine goes on... ;)haish..
since intern plan to send feena birthday
parcel pun tergendala..nak mintak tolong lela..
seganla plak kan :P sebab takut alang pun bz.. :(
by then today pun dah 14th may..dah tak sempat dah!!
urgh!!!imagine real world nanti!am i gonna forget
every single dates?!:p

oh..esok ice cream guy ada exam..yep!after 5 days..
decided to check on him..and he WAS busy and all..
but he never failed to cheer me up ;) haish!!susah..
sangkut ngan orang punya *beep* hehe..dou suru~ ?
BUT im in my rehabilation period..hah!getting over
*beep*..nyehehe..dekiru ka nurenchunk?! (^__-)v

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