Tuesday, May 09, 2006

how is it like to be an alien in an alienated
world?have you ever feel dat way?it reminds me
of my japanese speech : "gochiujin" : alien.
well..i am definitely in that situation right
now..seriously..im surrounded by japs (macam
perang la plak ) :P and i am left alone to do
my task..huhuh

well actually i was asked to learn dreamweaver
on my own..can u believe it?!i had never learnt
dreamweaver as in using the html..and now..i
kena belaja sendiri and serious blur!!with my
supervisor not aroun!!!its driving me crazy..i
been staring at the pc for the past er..6 hrs?!
and nada!!i been dragging and doing the wrong
thing as in hello?!!

i dunno wat to do and i dont know to whom shud
i refer to..nano is not aroun so im like this
burung tanpa sayap.huhuh..pepatah apa la tuh :P
nano is the name of my supervisor.kewl ain't it?
and he went out..and now..im CLUELESS!!help!!
so much of my happy ending~ urgh!!i want my

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