Tuesday, May 16, 2006

im counting down the minutes till balik at
the mo..there's lebih kurang ONE HOUR to go!!
huhu..today's quite boring and i dont know why
i feel s0oo tired :( maybe its more to boredom
kut..but tadi sempat chat ngan fiza..so like
not that boring la..sent lela email and emails
to my sensei in japan.wishing them happy teacher's
day..oh-oh!!to my favourite kakak ipar :D happy
teacher's day dee-dee!!i remembered being the
one who's responsible to called kak diana,dee-dee.
;) dee-dee sounds cute kan?even the ice-cream
guy i called da-da..hehe..i think its kinda cute:p

anyways..since nano asked me to make another 2
templates for the company's website..i hafta
another two la..which im done doing it rite now..
sebab tuh i dah bored..coz dah takde benda nak
buat..nano plak pi klia..well..hafta show him
tomorrow la..i pun satu hal..dapat keje..buat
cepat2..hehe..orang buat la lambat2 kan..so dat
keje tak banyak..heheh.bagusla tuh..alhamdulillah.
i am getting better with dreamweaver and fireworks!
tinggal flash jer..serious..i kena belajar la..
if tahu..sure kewl :D

oh..btw,where is azz?haiya minah..lama tol tak
memblogkan diri eh?hehe..harini freedom kan? :)
good for you ;) enjoy babe!!as for me..my
freedom has just been ripped off by my supervisor.
hehe..haish!!cepatla!!i am so0oo looking forward to
meet da-da..i need sumone to lighten me up ;)
oh..HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY to all teachers!! (^__^)

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