Saturday, May 20, 2006

hey..hey..its my babe's birthday!! :) yep..
jid abdullah!!happy birthday!!(19/5)miss you
babe!!hehe..since i dont have internet at hafta come to work first then i
can make an entry..especially for you!!;)
sorry dear since this entry is a bit late
and i sent u sms..actually lela dah bagi
the number like before 20th of may..but
masa tuh dah 20th pagi in malaysia :D so
anyways babe!!happy birthday and may Allah
bless you!!may u have a great celebration
ok..thanks for being such a cute n cuddly
fren ;) mmmwwxzzz!!!can't wait till u come
back okey!!then we hang out!!yeay!!(^3^)
~get well soon okay...take care!

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