Monday, May 22, 2006

today is my babe sis' birthday!!ala..geramnyer!!
serious ingat nak post her birthday gift..but dah
lambat aa.. :( ni sumer gara2 my work la..but i
believe if i'm azz..sure dah siap dalam kotak..
siap pos laju..tapi takleh la work is
like this freaky geek yang takde masa nak siap
kan all those things..takpe sis..i wait till u
come back then i give your cute lil gift okke..
altho she tak baca pun my blog..hehe..

to feena afhzan fadzlan shah..happy birthday
dear!may Allah bless you and may u have a rocking
birthday bash okke!! (^3^) mwaxzzz!!!!miss u like
M.A.D!! :p take care there~

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